First Infantry of the Battle Legion

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First Infantry of the Battle
Fersilae Inlntfantes et Querus
CountryImperial States of Forestria
AllegianceImperial States of Forestria
BranchImperial Army
Size2 (Active)
1 (Reserve)
Part ofCommander
Field Officer
Nickname(s)Suprema Legionasus
Motto(s)Et Gueræ
Mascot(s)King Cobra
EquipmentNerf Weapons
Elias Ⅰ

The 1st Infantry is the only unit in the Imperial Army of Forestria. It is divided into two smaller sections.


There are two smaller sections inside the 1st Infantry.

  • Armored Division and the
  • Infantry Light Division

Armored Division

The Armored Division is where most of the heavy weaponry is in. It includes Nerf mega blasters, which are known to hurt.

Infantry Light Division

The Infantry Light Division consists of rifle guns, also from Nerf. They also use ultra Nerf guns and sniper Nerf Guns, as well as plastic swords.

Full Pack

A full pack is provided by the soldier. All full army packs should include several things:

  1. Armor
  2. 2 small Nerf guns
  3. 1 Infantry standard Nerf Rifle
  4. 1 sword

Small Packs

Along with the Full Pack, it is provided by the soldier. They include Armor, 1 Nerf Rifle, and 1 sword.