First Kolkarian Republic

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Federal Republic of Kolkaria
Escaduos Stataso Kolkarie


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Maredos Zwboz (Liberty and Freedom)
CapitalLos Angos
Official languagesDutch, English Kolkarian, Spanish
GovernmentFederal State
• President
Shady Morsi
• Prime-Minister
Mark Dorlas
LegislatureSupreme Councill
• Census
CurrencyKolkarian Pesque
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Socialist Republic of Kolkaria

The First Kolkarian Republic, was Kolkarias first independent government, ruling the country from 2008 to 2011.The First Republic was established on September 12, 2008, with Shady Morsi as the first president. Like subsequent governments, it claimed sovereignty over the entire yucatan, although it only had power over the east. The investiture of the government followed the general election of 2009. The country's first constitution had been promulgated by the first National Assembly on April 1. It established a system with a strong president, who was elected indirectly by the National Assembly.


Morsi was supported in the elections by the Republic Alliance, but didn't include any of its members in his cabinet. In retaliation, the members of the party formed a united opposition Workers Party, and began to advocate a cabinet system which would remove power from the president.The government of Kolkaria was a Federal State and considers of the next states

  • North Kolkaria
  • Los Angos
  • Escanduvo
  • Border Province

End of the Republic

The events of 2011, known as the 2011 Revolution, were touched off by that Shady have the absolute power on Kolkaria also Kolkaria had a crises and inflation was in Kolkaria the Kolkarian Revoluitionaries took over Kolkaria and re-named the state intro the Socialist Republic of Kolkaria

International relations



Unrecognized by Kolkaria

  • Tajikistan