First Lady of Glorosia

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First Lady of Glorosia
Office of the First Lady
StyleMadame First Lady
TypeCeremonial Office
Member ofFirst Family of Glorosia
ResidencePresidential Palace
Formation31 January 2023

The First Lady of Glorosia is the title held by the wife of the President of Glorosia concurrently to the president's term. The first lady typically also serves as the primary hostess of the Presidential Palace as well as the chair of the Office of the First Lady.


The position of the first lady is not an elected one and carries mostly ceremonial duties. Despite this, first ladies have held a highly visible and influential position in national society. She is the primary hostess of the Presidential Palace. She organises and attends official ceremonies and functions of state either along with or instead of the president.

The first lady also can serve as a senior presidential advisor.

Office of the First Lady

The office of the first lady is accountable to the first lady and aids her in her role as first lady and chief hostess of the presidential palace. As well as this, they help her organise ceremonial and state occasions at the Presidential Palace. The first lady has her own staff that includes a chief of staff and press secretary.

Causes and Initiatives

The first lady has the ability to become public speakers and advocate for specific causes that the first lady may adopt. Because of this, the first lady can hire specific staff and advisers to support her in her agenda.

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