Five Islands Republic

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The Five Islands Republic is a Micronation on the islands of Howland Island, Baker Island, Jarvis Island, Palmyra Atoll, Kanton Island, Winslow Reef and Kingman Reef. Those territories are currently occupied by the government of the United States and Kiribati. There are two reefs in the country but each reef is not an island, and part of a the closest island's province. Each island is considered a province, but the nation is run almost as a unitary republic, with the Legislative Branch having almost no power in the country. The whole country is comprised of 14.53 square kilometers. The constitution of the country is modeled after the US constitution, but the government says that the constitution is an "improved model" of the US constitution.

The nation was founded by the Neo-Liberalist and Social Democrat Henry Weiss and his government. Although most of the citizens of the country live in or around the US Capital, Washington D.C., the capital city of the country is Itascatown, on the southern tip of Howland Island.

The country originally claimed the whole island chain of the Line Islands, and was called the Line Islands Republic, but dropped it's claim about a month after being declared.


The Five Islands Republic is, of course, made up of five islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Other names proposed for the country were Pacifica, the Semicircle Islands and the Freedom Islands, but the name that seemed to have the nicest ring to it was the Five Islands Republic. Since the origin of the whole country's name is easy to figure out, the etymologies of the five islands will be given too. Howland Island was originally called Worth Island by whalers for captain George Worth, the captain of the ship. Another whaler, the Minerva Smith, sighted it and named it Minerva Island, after the ship. The last name of the island, Howland, was the name surname of the lookout who spotted it from another whaling ship. Our capital city, Itascatown, was named after the ship that brought colonists from the United States there in 1935, the USCGC Itasca. Baker Island was also called New Nantucket by other whaling ships, but the island is named after Michael Baker, who visited the island in 1834. The reason for Jarvis Island's name is unknown. Kingman Reef was named by Lorrin A. Thurston. The reason he called it Kingman Reef is unknown. Up until then it was known as Danger Reef. Palmyra Atoll was named for the American ship, the Palmyra, that wrecked there in 1802.