Flag of Aphelia

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Flag of Aphelia Space Research Nation
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Flag of Aphelia Space Research Nation
Use National flag
Proportion 16:9
Adopted 24 March 2018
Design A horizontal bicolor, with small gray chevron superimposed on the larger white-edged
Designed by Svein Smedberg
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Variant flag of Aphelia Space Research Nation
Adopted 24 March 2018
Design A horizontal bicolor with isosceles gray triangle based on the hoist-side superimposed on on the larger white-edged with split end
Designed by Svein Smedberg

The flag of Aphelia is a national ensign officially adopted on 24 March 2018. It is formed by simple triangle on rectangle. symbolizing orange surface of Mars, deep space, shelter area and life. Another variant of Aphelia flag is the ‘Seafarer flag’ for sea vessel registered to Aphelia Navy or Civilian Fleet and vertical flag hanging.

The Aphelia Graphic Manual give an exact colours and dimensions for the flag. The flag is used as the national flag of Aphelia and can be printed on launch vehicle along with macronation flag to identified ownership of such object.


Colour HEX code
Cinnabar #ec3225
Oxford blue #263238
WhiteSmoke #f5f5f5
Bismark #546e7a

Flag code

Double flag sleeve patch

Example of double flag on right sleeve.

Aphelia flag can be wear on sleeve patch along with macronation or another micronation flag. Double flag sleeve patch can be wear in 3 variant depend on type of flag and current territory of wearer. To wear ASRN flag with macronation flag in and outside Aphelia territory, place macronation flag above Aphelia flag. To wear ASRN flag with micronation flag in Aphelia territory, place Aphelia flag above desire micronation flag. To wear ASRN flag with micronation flag in desire micronation territory, place desire micronation flag above Aphelia flag.

Double flag also can wear one flag on one sleeve and ASRN flag on other sleeve. ASRN flag can be on the left or right side depend on the main flag. ASRN flag is bilateral symmetry so the same flag can be use on both sleeves.


The flag must be only lowered on half-mast when the Commander of Aphelia ordered a respect, mourning or, in some cases, a salute. When hoisting a flag that is to be displayed at half-mast, it should be raised to the finial of the pole for an instant, then lowered to half-mast. Likewise, when the flag is lowered at the end of the day, it should be hoisted to the finial for an instant, and then lowered.

Vertical flag

Seafarer flag can be use to hang vertically from hoist-side with orange side on the left. Vertical flag shall never touch the ground.

List of flags

Current flag

Historical flag

The older version of Aphelia flag is Mars flag, symbolizes a sun, Mars surface, Phobos and Deimos. The long term goal of ASRN to settling on Mars. Heavily influenced by Martian flag of Martian Congressional Republic from The Expanse series. And Space Port flag, symbolizes a rocket launch from earth. A white, diagonal line shows the rocket trajectory, the blue color symbolizes Earth, the black color symbolizes the deep space, and the white circle symbolizes the moon. Space Port flag has been criticized for similarity to logo ofc certain amateur rocket group and too generic color with diagonal line which is frequently used in logo of several aerospace company.