Flag of Arkel

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Flag of the Arkel Ross Ice Shelf, which is based on the flag of Azusa
National flag of Arkel

The flag of Arkel is the national flag of the Principality of Arkel. The flag is based on the flag of the Dutch muncipality of Giessenlanden.


There is a story about the coat of arms of Arkel, which is similar as the flag. During the Fifth Crusuade (1217-1221) the Dutch warriors (Jan van Arkel, ancestor of Maarten van Arkel) went to the Tower of Damiate. With ladders they had success by conquer Damiate. The flag is based on the ladders. There is also a royal flag, which can be seen as the Royal Standard. The flag is only allowed in presence of the Prince.

Flag of the Prince, red and white are the national colours. The blue part refers to the Dutch Royal Standard. The cross is the cross of the Burgundy flag. During the existing of the Land of Arkel (12th century-1412) Arkel was part of the Duchy of Burgundy