Flag of Bradonia

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Bradonian State Flag
UseNational flag
Adopted21 October 2020
Designed byBrayvenric I

The Bradonian Flag is the official civil and state flag of the Kingdom of Bradonia, and one of the most important symbols of the Kingdom of Bradonia. All three of the national colors are a part of the national flag of Bradonia, and the national flag itself is very respected by the Bradonian population within Bradonia.


Bradonia's flag consists of two horizontal bars of black and blue from top to bottom and a white Scandinavian cross in between both of them. The Bradonian flag is represented by its three national colors, blue, black, and white. The white represents peace within Bradonia, which is constantly sought by the Bradonian Government. The blue in the Bradonian flag represents the nation's strong-willed people and the courage of said people, who are willing to fight until the bitter end to achieve peace, it also represents Bradonia's desire for a coastline along with Bradonia's blue skies that further encourage the Bradonian fighting spirit. Black represents the strength of the Bradonian people through will and force, and order present within the Kingdom.

Official colors Black White Blue
Hex triplet #FFA250 #0000FF #FFFFFF
RGB 0, 165, 255 0, 0, 255 255, 255, 255

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