Flag of Lundy

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Flag of Lundy
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Flag of Lundy
Use National flag
Proportion 3:2
Adopted 2011
Design Three vertical colors: White,Yellow and Blue
Designed by Levi Newman


The flag was adopted during the rule of the Kingdom. It was later given a somewhat false representation after the first kingdom had gone belly up. The meaning of the flag was originally there to completely glorify the king, but that was immensely stupid, so it was changed to the following:

  • White= Sovereignty, statehood and aristocracy.
  • Yellow=Loyalty to king/queen
  • Blue=The Bristol channel

Due to the poor coloring of the original flag, it was replaced with a flag more similar to the English flag. But was restored after Jacob Lewis had suggested the return of the old flag. The flag was then given better colouring and remains in place today.

Flag of the prince

The flag of the prince has a lion on it, indicating its ties with the UK, and the fleur-de-lis in the hand of the lion, indicating french roots.

The Origins of the Yellow

The Origins of the yellow lay within the former french kingdom, which flag featured a yellow emblem. And thus the yellow represents loyalty to the kingdom.