Flag of the Republic of Atlantis

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Flag of the Republic of Atlantis
Use National Flag
Adopted 15 June 2010
Proportion 1:2
Designed by Alexander Eastwood
Colors White, Blue and Yellow
Nation Republic of Atlantis

The flag of the Republic of Atlantis was adopted on the 15 June 2010, containing a field with two stripes (white and yellow), and a blue equilateral triangle at the hoist with a white 5-pointed star.

Birth of the flag

The flag of Atlantis was designed in 2010 by Alexander Eastwood because of the popular election of the flag. The flag won the elections with the 75% votes. Another flag candidate was the actual flag of the W.M.A. only months after Alexander Eastwood made known the inspiration of the flag. The inspiration came while Alexander Eastwood was watching a film on the TV, Bananas of Woody Allen. "The film had an important storyline on the dictatorship and the nations and the flag that they used in the film struck me immediately" said Eastwood.

Symbolism in the Atlantis flag

"I think that the flag should like to everyone, not necessarily have a symbolism and the citizens have voted this flag" said Alexander Eastwood. Many people think that the yellow symbolises the sun, sun of a rebirth. The white star on a dark blue background (the sky) can symbolise the man. The white symbolises the peaceful intents of the nation.