Flags of the Empire New Prussia

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Flag of New Prussia
See adjacent text.
Flag of New Prussia
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 25 May 2018
Design Three horizontal black, white, and red bars with gold German imperial crown

The national flag of New Prussia is the official flag of the Empire, representing the government as well as the people of New Prussia. It was based off of an old German Empire flag, and was adopted as the official flag on 25 May 2018.

The flag of New Prussia holds symbolism for the people of the nation. The red represents sacrifice, courage, and the bloodshed of humanity, the white represents innocence, purity and the heavens, and the black represents the dead that gave their lives for the defense of their respective countries, right or wrong.

The flag with the crown is used for digital reasons, such as websites and Microwiki. The physical flag has no crown and is basically the Yemen flag flown upside down.


Scheme Black White Red
RGB 0-0-0 255-255-255 255, 0, 0
Hexadecimal #000000 #FFFFFF #FF0000

Rules of Use

Half Staff

The flag must be lowered to half staff on the Day of the Dead, or when the Monarch declares a state of national mourning, and on all national days of mourning as chosen beforehand. If the flag is not flying on a pole, or if it is impossible to lower the flag to half staff, a black ribbon is to be flown from the top of the flag.

Times of war

In a time of war, the national and all military flags are flown upside down

List of flags

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Military Flags

Ministry of the Armed Forces

Imperial Guard

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