Flags of the Federated States of Antarctica

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Flag of the Federated States of Antarctica
Name Gated Constellation
Use Civil and state flag and ensign.
Proportion 3:5
Adopted August 22, 12009
Design Blue flag with two red stripes and even white stats.
Use Civil flag and ensign.
Proportion 3:5
Design Blue flag with two red stripes.

The flag of the Federated States of Antarctica is a flag with two red, horizontal stripes in a blue field with seven white stars (each representing the seven states). The flag was designed by Devon Moore in late July 12009, and the final design was adopted and made official on August 22, 12009.


A layout design of the flag.

The flag is a azure (blue) field with two vermilion (red) stripes on the hoist and fly. In the central field lay seven white, bulged, five-pointed stars that represent the seven States of the FSA. The reason for the three colors (blue, orange, and white) are because these colors are the only ones used for the flag of Antarctica.

The seven stars are positions in a seemingly random manner, but are actually positioned in the location of the State's capital. Similar to (and inspired by) the flag of Tuvalu, the stars are positioned in this manner because the country would only be colonization in the capital/urban areas. The stars all are positioned so their bottoms point to the center of the flag (which would represent the south pole).

President Powell made a final change to the flag prior to making it official. He made the field more blue and the stripes more red, keeping the overall design the same.

Though currently not official, a proposed civil flag (one which would be used by privet usage) would be a simplified version of the flag. The stars would be removed from the flag, leaving the flag as a "tricolor" flag. This design is similar to (and inspired by) the flag of Spain.

Color codes

The flag of the Federated States has a color scheme of red, while, and blue (much like the flags of the states which work in Antarctica). The current color scheme was adopted by Devon Moore. He purposely chose these variants in order to have the flag become noticeable in the white Antarctic.

Scheme Lavender Blue Deep Crimson Ivory White
RGB 55-77-176 214-65-14 238-238-236
Hex #374db0 #d6410e #eeeeec

However, President David Powell continues to show interest in having a direct red, white, and blue flag. Either version is acceptable for use.


State flags

City flags

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