Florfinbourgish Colonial Territories

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The Colonial Republics of Florfinbourg
Motto: God Save the White Blue and Red!
Anthem: Yankee Doodle
CapitalPeople's Haven
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSocialist Republic
• Current leader
Governor General Mark Sweeney
• Foundation
September 13th, 2010
Membership2 (unofficial)


The Main Colony is located on the coast of the US state of Connecticut. The Colonies form the Third Republic of the Autonomous Collective, and it are officially Colonial Territories. The Government is a Single Party Socialist Republic in which the leader is called the Governor General. This is the location of most of the Florfinbourgish Naval units and the government is very focused on the building up of naval power for the local Republic. Freedom, kindness, and sharing are the tenets of this society.

Legislature: The National People's Parliament of the Florfinbourgish Socialist Party

Seats: 7 (The National Chairman, 2 New York County Representatives, 2 Favorite County Reps, 1 Pen Island Rep, and 1 Transkanian Rep) The Colonies are only represented by a voteless colonial consultant.

Florfinbourg Relations

This area has been a Colony since the Population Boom of July 2010, but it is now a freedom loving republic og Florfinbourg. It is a popular destination for tourists, vacationers, and people looking for a more pleasant seaside living environment. Florfinbourg gives aid often to this Republic, to fix up the infrastructure and to maintain the local environment. Because the Colonies are mainly a tiny Naval base, it technically has no permanent population, only passing military personnel. The surrounding village has a small population, but they are an enclave of the US and are not governed by the Florfinbourg leaders.

Current Naval Power

One Boogie Board: FSS Mutant Monsters

Basic Issue Swimming Equipment for the Special Naval Assault Corps: Swimming Noodle, Goggles, Snorkel,

Naval Personnel: 2 Ship Commanders, 3 Special Naval Assault Corps Infantrymen, 1 Bureaucrat, (The Connecticut Navy is backed up with one commander and three SNAC Infantrymen from landlocked Florfinbourg which shares a navy with Connecticut)

Other Republics of the Autonomous Collective

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