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The Florian Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: breathe and prosper
Anthem: Presidents March
File:United Kingdom
Largest cityby size: Penlee
by population: Oldhaven City
Official languagesEnglish
Establishment17 April 2017
• (as of 2017 census) census
21 (including Oldhaven)
CurrencyTrimole. Florian Pound (proposed)
Time zoneBST (Florian Republic)
EST (Perisia)
EET (Oldhaven)
The founder of Micronational Rugby

The Florian Republic is a micronation founded on the 17th April 2017.


The Prime Minister candidate of Coria, Stewart Florian expressed an interest of creating a micronation if he failed to become the Prime Minister of another micronation. With Coria's assistance, the micronation created a flag and coat of arms and an anthem. On the 20th April, it was announced that Stewart would be emigrating to the UK, therefore moving the location of the micronation.The micronation was renamed from The Republic of Uniland to the Florian Republic. The micronation was accepted in the Micronational Virtual Football Federation on the 19th April 2017, however, the national sport of the micronation is rugby league, not football. On the 24th April 2017, it formed Micronational Rugby, the micronational rugby federation. The micronation was involved in the first ever micronational rugby match against the Popular Union of Occitania and won the game 41-29 despite losing 12-24 at half time.

It held it's first parliament session on the 9th May and it was very successful. In the session, a general election was called to be held on the 8th June 2017. Also in the meeting, the parliament voted to support LGBT+ Rights, apart from same-sex marriage. The micronation will hold its first court session after Dimitrije Golubović, illegally enacted a date for the general election without the consent of parliament.On the 11th May 2017, the Florian Republic founded Oldhaven, a new autonomous territory in the Balkan region. On the 12th May 2017, Perisia joined the micronation as an overseas territory. On the 14th May 2017, the micronation was accepted into the Balkan Union. On the 20th May, the Florian Republic purchased three Telemarts, a supermarket chain owned by Nedland. On the 21st May 2017, the President, Stewart Florian was elected as Coria's first ever Prime Minister. Stewart will now be responsible for both Micronations and he is proud of doing so. On 25 May 2017 the Florian Republic signed its first free trade agreement with Coria and in the process linking the Telemarts in both Coria and the Florian Republic. On the 26th May 2017, it created internal passports for security reasons, it also joined the Union Against Micronational War. On the 31st May 2017, the [[Florian Republic stop using the Nedland Francmark after it dissolved.

On the 3rd June Stewart Florian was appointed deputy chair of the MAFE. On the 7th June, it created its own national wiki. It can be viewed here. Also On the 7th June,Stewart Florian formed the Labour Party in the Abeldane Empire. On the 8th June, the Florian Democrats won the inaugural General Election.

Government and politics


Florian Republican Parliament
Stewart Florian, Florian Democrats
Leader of the Opposition
Alex Gray, Starlight Party
since November 29th, 2015
Political groups


Direct democracy, all willing citizens are members
Meeting place
Florian Republic Parliament Skype Room

They are currently two parties in the current parliament of the Florian Republic. The Democrats of the Florian Republic and the Starlight Party.They are only four seats in Parliment. Elections are held every year. The parliament held its first session on the 9th May 2017.

  Florian Democrats: 3 seats
  Starlight Party: 1 seat

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colors Seats in Parliment
Florian Democrats Florian Democrats Stewart Florian Centre Orange
3 / 3
Starlight Party Starlight Party Alex Gray Right Dark Blue
0 / 3
Independent N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
0 / 3


The first passports of the Micronation were created on the 25th May 2017. It has an orange background and features a white Eagle. Coria was the first micronation to recognise them. Due to the free trade agreement with Coria, traders can access Coria without any tariffs. On the 26th May 2017, The Florian Republic made internal passports for security measures.

Law and order

There is only one court in the Florian Republic as there is hardly any court cases in the micronation. The first court case will be held on the 11th May 2017 after Dimitrije Golubović illegally enacted a date for the general election without the consent of parliament.

Foreign relations

The Florian Republic has opened relations with the Kingdom of Coria, and a treaty of mutual recognition was signed on the 6th May 2017. The Republic is also negotiating relations with the Polish Republic of Freeland. The Micronation on 25 May 2017 signed a Free Trade agreement with Coria.

Unilateral Recognitions

Does not recognize

Formal Relations



There is currently not a military because the population is too small to have one. The micronation did not hope to have one however in the future because it wants to be neutral in micronational foreign affairs. On the 22nd May, Stewart Florian announced plans to create a security force for the micronation which will have at least three soldiers. After the terrorist attack in Manchester later that day the military was formed immediately.



The population of the micronation is a total of 21 people which includes the territory of Oldhaven.

Flag Country Number of citizens living here
United Kingdom 10
Serbia 9
Norway 1

Geography and climate


Administrative divisions

The Florian Republic is split into two municipalities.

Municipalities of the Florian Republic
Flag Coat of arms State Capital Citizens Official language(s) Head of
Penlee Penlee City 5 English Stewart Florian
Humphreys Humphreys 5 English Stewart Florian

Autonomous Territories

On the 11th May 2017, the Florian Republic founded Oldhaven, a new autonomus territory in the Balkan region. Perisia soon joined and on 22 May to celebrate the election of Stewart Florian as Coria's PM, a new territory was founded.

Autonomus Territories of the Florian Republic
Flag Coat of arms State Capital Citizens Official language(s) Head of
Oldhaven Oldhaven City 9 Serbian Dimitrije Golubović
Perisia Starlightia 2 English Alex Grey
Feld N/A N/A English Stewart Florian

National Map

The Florian has created a national Map, only certain people can access the map.



On the 20th May, the Florian Republic purchased three Telemarts, a supermarket chain owned by Nedland. The Florian Republic plans to open more supermarkets. The Florian Republic plans to open a Telemart in Perisia, in a months time. On the 8th June opened Café, a Corian Café Chain.


The micronation is yet to create a currency. They have been several proposals but it has been announced that it will use another micronations currency. It was announced that it would be both using the Nedlandic francmark and the Trimole. From the 6th May 2017, designing of the Florian Pound commenced with the help of the Abeldane Empire. The currencies of the micronation are governed by Dimitrije Golubović, the governor of the National Bank of the Florian Republic. The logo is shown below:

After a government session on the 9th May 2017. An online bank will be created as soon as possible.


Agriculture is a huge part of the micronations economy. 40% of the population work in this sector and much of income is invested into the micronation. All produce are sold in the micronations Telemarts.


There is not an industry as such in the Florian Republic despite one citizen working in the tyre production industry. All products are sold to the UK.


Due to the small population transport is insufficient however there is a road which connects the Florian Republic to England.A Cycle Lane was planned to connect Penlee to England and it was approved. Construction will start in June. A ministry of transport is to be set up in late 2017.



The Florian Republic has regular visits from external people, visiting the micronation for Business and educational reasons.


Out of the population, only one person does not speak English as their first language.



The national sport of the Florian Republic is Rugby. All sports in the country are played virtually.The top level of rugby league in the Country is the Florian Republic Super League which has 16 teams split into two conferences. The country formed Micronational Rugby, the micronational rugby federation.

Because the micronation is a member of the MVFF a national football league and the national team are being created with the assistance of the organisation. The micronation played their first match against the Polish Republic of Freeland and won 2-0. The Florian Republic entered its first competition, the MVFF Challenge Cup 2017 as co-host. It reached the final of the tournament and lost the final against Coria 1-0. It was expected that the team would fail in the 'Group of Death' but the micronation exceeded all odds and did the micronation proud in the competition. On the 27th May 2017, a national football league was created with six teams being created for the competition.


The micronation has created a Google Sites website, which includes news and a citizenship form of the micronation. The micronation has created a micronational broadcasting network and news will be published on a YouTube channel. On the 31st May 2017, the Google site was closed down and the micronation has released a new website on Jimdo.com

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