Fogatchasish language

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Southern script:⎓∴⊣ᔑ̧ℸ⨅̇/ᒷ⊣
Spoken in *The kingdom of Gẅyddzkã̧p (conquered)
Total users none
Language family Celtic Languages
Language source Welsh (primary)

Spanish (secondary)

Language type Extinct language
Writing system Northern dialects: Latin

Southeastern dialects: Minecraft Enchantment Table

Official Status
Official language in dead language
Regulated by The Federal Republic of New Potato Land Government
ISO 639 codes ps/prs

The Fogatchasish language, or Ffogazaff(Tᔑℸ ̣ ∴̈ᓵ⨅ℸ ̣ || ̇/̧ᓵᒷ⊣), has been heavily influenced by the civilizations that arose in the region and slowly died out over the past couple of years. Fogatchasish is generally an Celtic language with major influences from the Romance languages and minor influence by the Germanic languages. Not much information is known about the language, most information is harvested from the known documents and references from other sources.



This partial script was found in Western Tatws Fawr in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land in the capital of the fallen kingdom, Gẅyddzkãp.
Earliest remains of the proto-Fogatchasian language. It translates to, "Comrade, Gẅyddzkãp has been established. Bless us. -Ẅêddzx"

The origins of Fogatchasian begin with the evolution of the proto-Fogatchasian languages. There are approximately five proto-Fogatchasian languages prior to their merging into central Fogatchasian. The only complete document in early middle Fogatchasian found was a multilingual document called Goolk Dayes likely written by a teenager around the fall of the Gẅyddzkãp kingdom. The rise of the Federal Republic of New Potato Land also lead a rise of the Welsh language in the region influencing late middle Fogatchasian. As the popularity of the Welsh language in the region rose, so did modern Fogatchasian. As Fogatchasian spread throughout the region, a Northern and a Southern dialect was formed. The southern dialect adopted the Galactic Alphabet with an exclusion of a few letters, while the Northern dialect continued with the evolution of the language until the death of the language.

Differences between the Northern and Southern dialects

The most notable difference would the completely different writing systems. Southern Fogatchasian utilizes the Galactic Alphabet, which it borrowed from neighboring languages. Northern Fogatchasian used the Latin alphabet, which it followed Fogatchasian. The second most notable difference in the dialects is their location. Northern Fogatchasian is spoke throughout the Federal Republic of New Potato Land, and it originated in the Fogatchasian regions of Tatws Mawr in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land. Southern Fogatchasian developed in some parts of Draig Tatws, New Potato Land also in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land.

Northern Southern
Ææ ᔑ̧
Bb ʖ
FFff ⎓̄
Jj 𝙹
LLll ꖎ̧
X̧x̧ ̇/


Official use

Fogatchasian was spoken throughout modern day Federal Republic of New Potato Land as a widely spoken language. There are very few governmental and non-governmental organizations promoting the language. A few government officials can speak the language with full literacy. At its peak, it is the fourth most popular language in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land.

This Pie Chart describes the four most popular languages in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land during the peak of the Fogatchasian language.


In 2019, a law was passed enforcing the access of the education of Fogatchasian language in all primary schools in the Federal Republic of New Potato Land. Education of the language is not enforced in most primary schools. There are private schooling for the language, which is only available for the locals in the region. For others, there are many resources for anyone to learn the language. All current laws promoting the language seems to be failing at this point.



Fw̌gäv̧æv̧̈zx̧eg alphabet ⎓∴⊣ᔑ̧ℸ⨅̇/ᒷ⊣ English alphabetical equivalent English pronunciation equivalent
Ææ ᔑ̧ a ā
Aa a a
Bb ʖ b b
Cc c kay
Ḑḑ d (Welsh: dd) th
Ee e e
Ff f f
FFff ⎓̄ f (Welsh: ff) fv
Gg g g
Hh h h
Ēē i i
Jj 𝙹 j j/g
Čč k ck
Ll l l
LLll ꖎ̧ l (Welsh: ll) lech
Mm m m
Nn n n
Oo o ō
Pp p (silent)/p -soft
Rr r (Welsh: r)

r -alveolar tap

V̧̈v̧̈ t t
V̧v̧ t tch
U̧u̧ u (a)ye
Ww w (Welsh: w) o -short
X̧x̧ ̇/ x cts/x
Zz z sh