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macronations recognized by the Templar Kingdom

The Foreign Affairs Department of the Templar Kingdom welcomes you to our Foreign Affairs page. Here you will find anything pertaining to how one can contact our department. (The Templar Kingdom is now also on Discord.) The Templar Kingdom recognizes/has foreign relations with, over a 100 microstates/micronations. Even though the Templar Kingdom has many diplomatic relations, it maintains a strict criteria that states; a nation must already exist for (12/XII) twelve months, they must claim land on Earth, have a website (this maybe a microwiki page) with non biased information (the rest can be found under: subsection: Requirements.)

Below, one can find a list of Nations recognized, its flag, and in which Macronation, the micronation is located :




























  • A1 (Australia)
  • Commonwealth of Friends Society (India)


The Templar Kingdom is open to diplomatic relations with other nations, and is currently in the process of making treaties with some of them. When these treaties come about and diplomatic relations are established, these nations will then be mentioned here in alphabetical order.

Conditions the Templar Kingdom of Beaulosagñe demands for it to recognize your nation:

Art. 1.1: When a nation offers diplomatic relations to Templar Kingdom, they must prove that they already exist for 1 year.

Art. 1.2: The nation must claim real land, not fictional (not D&D map based, book based, game based, movie based), nor on other planets, nor on the moon. (But real land even as small as 1 square meter.) (future projects like: underwater / underground / seasteading nations are allowed)

Art. 1.3: The nation must have a website (a microwiki page is accepted) with clear and truthful info (population, territory, goals, etc.)

Art. 1.4: That they are a Christian OR a secular micronation. Because of the Outremer Law we do not open diplomatic relations with saracen(micro)nation(s). (Outremer Law)

Art. 1.5: If a nation is interfering in the internal or national affairs of the government of Beaulosagñe, the Beaulosagñese government will withdraw the recognition of that nation. (the non-interference act)

Art. 1.6: The Templar Kingdom is a neutral nation, no other nation can force our Holy Sovereign nation to join in a conflict, or being forced to take side. (the non-interference act)

Art. 1.7: The Grail Kingdom doesn't recognize nations who claim territory belonging to Beaulosagñe or it's protectorates. (see [13] territory external link) (the Sovereignty act)

Art. 1.8: If Beaulosagñe discovers that a nation is guilty of the use of illegal internet activities (hacking and viruses), then Beaulosagñe will immediately withdraw its recognition of that nation. (the Terrorism act)

Art. 1.9: If Beaulosagñe discovers that a recognized nation is violating human rights, Beaulosagñe will immediately withdraw it's recognition of that nation.

Art. 1.10: The Templar Kingdom will only recognize nations who respect our universal freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of sexual orientation.

Other Nations our kingdom reconizes

Beside these the Templar Kingdom, recognizes the following regions as independent states:

  • Ambazonia
  • the Amazigh republic of Libya
  • Christian republic of Aramean, Capitol: Mosul
  • Biafra
  • Basque Country
  • Brittany
  • Calabria
  • Catalunya
  • Chiapas
  • Corsica
  • the First Nations of America
  • French Guyana
  • Galicia
  • Gitania
  • Greenland
  • Hawaii
  • Hong Kong
  • Kabinada [Congo]
  • Christian republic of Karabakh
  • Kurdistan
  • Macau
  • Nunavut
  • Orange vrij staat
  • Rif Republic
  • Spanish Sahara
  • Scotland
  • South Moluccas [indonesia]
  • South Tirol
  • Sicily
  • Srpska
  • Taiwan
  • Tibet
  • Transnistria
  • Trentino
  • Venecia
  • Vlaanderen
  • Wales
  • West Papua.

Rejected Nations / Regions / Orders

States that Beaulosagñe does NOT recognize:

  • bir tawil nations. (Too many have claimed this piece of land and we do not know who has fist laid claim to it,

and we are not willing to get into a dispute between the different parties claiming it.)

  • Bosnia (illegal withdrawal from Yugoslavia)
  • Herzegovina (illegal withdrawal from Yugoslavia)
  • Kosovo (illegal withdrawal from Yugoslavia)
  • north Cyprus (Puppet State of Turkey on the island of Cyprus)
  • Palestine
  • Vatican City (region Non-Grata & the pope a person Non-Grata)
  • The Grail Kingdom never did recognize the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (C.h.a.z.) during its short lived existence.

Barred from diplomatic relations:

Persons non grata:

  • johann kümmel (guilty of bullying, page vandalism and cyberattacks)[citation needed]

  • All Micronations claiming only land on the moon or other planets
  • All Micronations claiming 'world' domination or 'galactic' domination.
  • All Micronations claiming only fictitious land
  • Any Saracen (micro/macro)nations, because they still have slaves [14]
  • All roleplay nations
  • All novel based nations

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