Foreign relations of Phokland

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The Phoklandian Free State currently maintains good relations with several micronations throughout (and sometimes outside of) the world. These relationships can range from simple unofficial talks, to full alliances and trade agreements. The management of such falls under the purview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who insure that fair and positive communications are maintained by Phokland.

Informal relations

Phokland presently maintains positive informal relations with multiple nations. This is often because the states in question lack stability or have goals that are incompatible with full diplomatic recognition.

Nations recognized by Phokland

In addition, there are a number of countries who (while Phokland wishes to open formal diplomacy) have either not responded to Phoklandian requests for relations or who have decided to not recognize Phokland, but who are nevertheless still recognized in their own right.

Formal relations

At present, Phokland maintains full foreign diplomacy with many countries and more are frequently added.

Nations with bilateral recognition

Nations with which Phokland shares a Treaty of Mutual Recognition (in no particular order).


In order to insure speedy communication between partners and as a sign of good faith, Phokland maintains several Embassies throughout the micronational world. Each Embassy is headed by an Chief Ambassador who formally represents Phokland in their nation of assignment. While Embassies and Ambassadors may exist physically within a state (such as the Kyberian-Phoklandian Embassy) they are more times than not unable to operate a physical location. It is for this reason that a majority of Phokland's diplomacy takes place over cyberspace.

List of embassies

Name Flag Date of Founding
Kyberian Phoklandian Embassy 21 February 2019
Kayutsastan Phoklandian Embassy 29 April 2019
Craitland Phoklandian Embassy 20 April 2019
FIA Phoklandian Embassy 30 April 2019
Nashikuo Phoklandian Embassy 4 March 2020