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Viscounty of Wildflower Meadows
Forestedge on the day of its annexation.
Forestedge on the day of its annexation.
CountryFlag of Wildflower Meadows.jpg Principality of Wildflower Meadows
Founded12 April 2017
 • ViscountessLady Imani, Countess of Maybridge
 • Total0.005 km2 (0.002 sq mi)
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (BST)

The Viscounty of Forestedge is a realm of the Principality of Wildflower Meadows situated nearby to the former residence of Princess Hannah, claimed in April 2017.


For a century - from the 1850s until the 1950s - the land which now comprises Forestedge consisted of watercress beds, watered by the River Wandle. Following an outbreak of typhoid in 1937, the blame for which was placed on eating produce from the cress beds (incorrectly as it turned out, the true cause having been a polluted well), demand for watercress dropped and the cress beds were no longer required. After the removal of the watercress beds, the area eventually became a public park named Guy Road Recreation Ground.

Forestedge was claimed for Wildflower Meadows as a Barony on 12 April 2017 by Princess Hannah, Emperor Jonathan I, and Lady Laura, the latter of whom was a friend of the Princess who had the previous day been appointed Countess of Maybridge. The three officially annexed the area of land in a short ceremony on the main grassy area. Forestedge was visited by Diplomabear on 5 January 2019.

In November 2019, the Beddington Park Tree Wardens (a local British volunteer group) planted fifteen trees in the west of Forestedge to form a small public orchard: apple trees, pear trees, and a hazelnut tree. The fruits and nuts are freely available to the public once grown.

On 5 November 2022, Princess Hannah granted the position of Baroness of Forestedge to her longstanding friend Dame (now Lady) Imani. This was the day of the Princess' Church of England wedding to Jonathan I, at which Imani served as a bridesmaid. On 24 November later that month, Forestedge was upgraded from a Barony to a Viscounty.


Maybridge is a viscounty of Wildflower Meadows. The day-to-day administration of the territory is undertaken by the government of the United Kingdom, which does so by the permission of the Princess despite not recognising her claim to the land.


Forestedge measures approximately 53,200 square feet, and consists of a grassy field together with a tarmaced footpath running along its southern border. The realm is a roughly quadrilateral shape, albeit with an extended south-eastern corner. It borders a primary school to the north, a residential area to the east, woodland to the west, and to the south it borders a grassy area situated in between the footpath which forms its southern border and the River Wandle, with which said footpath runs roughly parallel. An unpaved path runs through Forestedge, from halfway down the tarmaced footpath up to its north-west corner, and continues on into Beddington Park.

Along with Wandleside (which is situated 0.28 miles to the east-south-east at the closest point), Forestedge is one of the only two Wildflowerian realms bordered by South London as opposed to Cheshire.