Forgotten Realms

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A section of the Forgotten Realms in the Green Pond Realm.

The land known as the Forgotten Realms, known outside of a cultural-historical context as Wilton Middle School, is an area that contains the former territories of the Kingdoms of Atlantis, Thebes, and Saqqara, the territories of Dark Woods, Frozen Alters and Green Ponds, and other minor nations and realms such as Nineger.

The people of Atlantis led by HM King Declan I arrived in the Forgotten Realms in September 2003. By 2004, Declan I had established and then taken over the vassal kingdom of Saqqara, and conquered the nearby kingdom of Thebes. The Forgotten Realms got their name from the fact that they are no longer inhabited by the peoples of those nations - the population left the realms in 2005 and eventually became the people of modern-day Wilcsland, a constituent country of the United Kingdom of New Wessex.

The nations which were situated in the Realms during its golden age used to get along but also sometimes trick or force each other out of their land. An example of this is when Saqqara (led by HM King Declan I) attacked Thebes (led by HM King Kieran I & I), deposing him and taking his and his peoples lands.

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