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Throughout the history of the Empire of Austenasia, dozens of different land claims - holding the status either of a City, Town, March, Territory or Crown Dependency - have joined the Empire. Land claims which have subsequently left Austenasia for a variety of reasons are listed below, in order of annexation:

Former Cities


New Richmond

City of New Richmond
New Richmond was originally annexed as a Crown Dependency on 16 August 2013, taking on the style of "Dominion" and establishing a local legislature, initially consisting of a rural property in West Virginia. It was transitioned into a Town on 7 September 2014, and was granted City status on 9 January 2017. Throughout the history of New Richmond, it expanded significantly with the annexation of various other residences in West Virginia and in Kentucky, which were claimed as Boroughs. Between January and June 2019, New Richmond had 20 residents, and held the record for the most highly populated local-level administrative division. One borough was made into its own Town as Augusta. New Richmond was administered by Brooklyn Hewitt as Governing Commissioner while a Crown Dependency, then represented by her in Parliament as Representative while a Town and City. It seceded from Austenasia upon the creation of New Virginia as an independent state on 11 February 2020.

Former Towns


Town of Zephyria
Zephyria, originally known as South Kilttown, was annexed on 25 April 2009, and holds the distinction of being the first populated area of land to be annexed by Austenasia after its foundation, expanding the Austenasian population outside of the Imperial Family. South Kilttown was in rebellion against the central government during the Austenasian Civil War, but returned to central authority at the end of the conflict and was renamed to Zephyria in September 2010. Zephyria was represented in Parliament by Lord Marshal William as Representative (excluding between March and September 2010, when his father nominally held the office), and consisted of a residential property situated in Carshalton roughly one mile south of Wrythe. Time constraints on the part of Lord Marshal William and uncertainty regarding whether his family would continue to reside in the house led to the decision to dissolve the Town on 14 June 2017, although its population retained their Austenasian nationality and titles.



Town of Thanasia
Thanasia was annexed on 14 May 2013, and during its time in Austenasia was the smallest and least populated Town in the Empire. It consisted of a section of a three-story house in Sutton, comprising two bedrooms and part of a kitchen connected by a staircase in the United Kingdom. It had only two residents, namely Countess Eritoshi of Memphis and her sister, the occupants of the two bedrooms.

Countess Eritoshi served as Representative of Thanasia from the Town's annexation until May 2016 (and also served as Prime Minister from November 2013 until March 2015), when she retired from politics. Thanasia was thereafter represented in Parliament by Eritoshi's sister, Lady Strawberry, but after a year the decision was made for Thanasia to be dissolved due to a lack of interest from its residents in remaining Austenasian, and the Town was ceded back to the United Kingdom on 14 June 2017.

Imperial Museum, Lichtenstein

Town of Lichtenstein
Lichtenstein, a residential property that was an enclave of Cambridgeshire, was originally annexed on 17 June 2013 as the Territory of Emperorsland - then only containing the property's garden - before being expanded into the Town of Lichtenstein on 13 April 2014 with the annexation of the house itself. Lord Charles Clarke served first as Governor of Emperorsland and then as Representative of Lichtenstein, and was a resident of the town along with two family members.

On 7 October 2014 the Imperial Museum (pictured) was opened in the Town. Lichtenstein was dissolved on 23 September 2016 upon the resignation of Lord Clarke.

Town of New Richmond
see entry under Cities


Town of Terentia
Terentia, named in honour of Emperor Father Terry, was originally annexed as a Crown Dependency on 16 November 2013, initially comprised of part of the garden of a residential property in Massachusetts and administered by Elizabeth Lewis as Governing Commissioner. Terentia expanded on 31 October 2014 to include the entirety of the property, along with its six residents, and on 4 December later that year was transitioned into a Town, with Lewis as its Representative (a post she held until the end of Terentia's time in Austenasia). The Town also expanded with the annexation of an uninhabited nearby park to the south-west on 17 October 2018, which was named Kush. From 2017, Terentia was well known for its unique culture based on that of the Deadheads, which culminated in the foundation of the Church of the Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion in September 2018. It seceded from Austenasia upon the creation of New Virginia as an independent state on 11 February 2020.



Town of Shineshore
Shineshore was originally annexed as a Crown Dependency on 13 April 2014, and consisted of a residential property in Ontario with a population of five, administered by Lord Evan Keller as Governing Commissioner. Shineshore was created to serve as a base for the Imperial Navy, as it bordered Lake Ontario, and was home to the four vessels of the 2nd Ondiara Flotilla. It was transitioned into a Town on 7 September 2014, and stayed as such until 18 November 2017, when it was dissolved in response to Keller falling out of communication with the government.


Town of Porthbokon
Porthbokon was annexed as a Town on 5 June 2014, and consisted of a residential property in Cornwall with a population of four, represented in Parliament by Lady Evren Filgert, Duchess of Dumnonia as Representative. The house comprising Porthbokon had previously been the capital of the Republic of Bokonton (2007–12), a micronation led by Filgert to which Porthbokon served as the effective successor. Porthbokon was dissolved on 14 June 2017, after Filgert dropped out of communication with the government.



Town of Harenfall
Harenfall was a Town situated on the coast of Norway which was annexed on 29 January 2015, consisting of two houses and an uninhabited island. In terms of land area it was the Empire's largest Town during its time in Austenasia, and had a population of six, all of whom were Lutheran. Lord Sivert MacLean served as its Representative in Parliament. Harenfall has the distinction of being the first populated land claim to have been ceded from Austenasia, with its residents voting to return to Norway in May 2016. It was therefore dissolved on 27 June 2016.



Town of Ionathanopolis
Ionathanopolis was a Town founded on 27 June 2016, named after Emperor Jonathan I. Comprised of a residential property annexed from South Carolina, the town had a population of five, a family of Greek Americans. As such, Ionathanopolis was strongly influenced by Greek culture. Its founder, Lord Peter Palaiologos, served in Parliament as Representative of Ionathanopolis. Lord Palaiologos fell out of contact with the imperial government in 2018, and after several attempts to contact him resulted in failure, Ionathanopolis was eventually dissolved on 14 February 2019.



Town of Ionisia
Ionisia was founded on 7 August 2017 in an exercise of national friendship between Austenasia and Imvrassia. The Town, which consisted of a residential property on the island of Samos, was home to three Imvrassians - including the then Queen Aikaterini and Prince Aggelos - who were granted dual citizenship with Austenasia. Prince Aggelos served as the Town's Representative in Parliament, but eventually requested that it be dissolved so as to enable him to focus on his home country of Imvrassia. Ionisia was therefore ceded back to Greece exactly one year later, on 7 August 2018 (although its three inhabitants retained their status as Austenasian nationals in a gesture of the continuing friendship between Austenasia and Imvrassia), and has since been annexed by Imvrassia itself as the Province of Ionisia.

Town of Jovanovo
see entry under Crown Dependencies



Town of Augusta
Augusta was a Town situated close to New Richmond, originally annexed to Austenasia as a borough of said City on 6 September 2018. Originally named North New Saint Josephsburg, the borough was comprised of a residential property with a population of three. On 12 June 2019, North New Saint Josephsburg was elevated from a borough to its own Town, Augusta, separate from New Richmond, with Lord Riley Hewitt serving as its Representative in Parliament. Most of Augusta seceded from Austenasia upon the creation of New Virginia as an independent state on 11 February 2020, but an uninhabited part of the property was retained under Austenasian sovereignty as a Territory by the name of Fraternitas, governed by Lady Admiral Hewitt. In a gesture of friendship, Fraternitas was ceded to the Commonwealth of New Virginia on 1 November 2021 after events earlier in the year left the Commonwealth with no land claims initially from the original Austenasian duchy of the same name.



Town of Theodosiopolis
Theodosiopolis was annexed as a Town on 21 March 2019 by Prince Dionisiy I, who served as its Representative throughout its time in Austenasia and lived there until the creation of Harlemum (a March of Theodosiopolis; see below) in December later that year. The Town had a population of three (five, prior to Prince Dionisiy and his wife moving to Harlemum), and consisted of an apartment building bordered by Amsterdam.

The apartment building which comprised the Town contained two separate properties, the inhabitants of both of which consented to join Austenasia. Theodosiopolis was dissolved and ceded back to the Netherlands on 1 June 2020 upon Prince Dionisiy's departure from Austenasia.


Town of Dragovina
Dragovina was annexed as a Town on 22 April 2019 by Ned Gunderson, who served as its representative throughout its time in Austenasia. Gunderson did not live in the town itself, but did live within the requisite 25-mile radius required to represent a Town in Parliament. The town had a population of three and consisted of a residential property annexed from Washington, D.C., together with its front and back gardens.

Dragovina was dissolved on 29 May 2020 following the unilateral secession of Dragovina stated in the Parliament, which was a follow-up action to the initially proposed secession which initially caused the assumption of emergency powers by Jonathan I earlier that month.


Town of Gebirgspark
Gebirgspark was annexed as a Town on 17 July 2019 by Lord Krishtof von Drakon at the behest of Prince Dionisiy I. Lord von Drakon served as Gebirgspark's Representative, and was a member of the Fatherland Party, serving as Chancellor after the Prince's victory in the February 2020 general election. Gebirgspark consisted of Lord von Drakon's family home in Slovakia, and had a total population of three people including himself. The Town was ceded to Montescano upon the departure of Prince Dionisiy from Austenasia on 1 June 2020.



Town of Tricornia
Tricornia was annexed as a Town on 18 April 2020 by Lord Nikola Jovanović (who served as its Acting Representative during its time in Austenasia), and allegedly consisted of ten non-contiguous areas of land in Serbia, one of which was inhabited by six people. Tricornia was dissolved on 20 June 2020 after Jovanović revealed that he had supplied incorrect information to the central government when claiming the land and forged the signatures of its alleged inhabitants.



Town of Valens
Valens was annexed as a Town on 1 December 2022 by Lord Ashley Jaax, consisting of an apartment building and its six residents. Jaax served as its first Representative until April 2023, when he resigned, and was replaced by Lord Juan Aleges, another resident of the Town. Aleges fell out of contact with the imperial government after several months, and after attempts to contact Valens failed, the Town was dissolved on 21 January 2024.

Former Marches



Harlemum March
Harlemum was annexed on 5 December 2019, and was a March of Theodosiopolis. Harlemum served as the residence of Prince Dionisiy I after he moved from Theodosiopolis, and was inhabited and administered by himself and his wife.

Comprised of a residential property in Haarlem, the March was dissolved and ceded back to the Netherlands on 1 June 2020 upon Prince Dionisiy's departure from Austenasia.

Former Territories


Hill of Ash

Hill of Ash
The Hill of Ash is unique amongst all Austenasian land claims, both past and present, in that it was never formally annexed by or incorporated into Austenasia by means of legislation. Although claimed in 2009, when all Austenasian claims (inhabited or not, cf. Glencrannog) were considered Towns, the Hill of Ash can retrospectively be considered a Territory for the sake of simplicity.

On 4 May 2009, the Imperial Geographical Society launched its first expedition, exploring the countryside and farmland south of Bletchingley. The expedition stopped for lunch in a clearing, at the middle of which was a big pile of ash with a large charred log on top, most likely the remains of a large bonfire. The then Lord William of South Kilttown stood on top of the pile of ash, and claimed the area for Austenasia. While the expedition had lunch in the clearing, it was treated as being under Austenasian sovereignty. However, as the expedition left the clearing the then Crown Prince Jonathan declared as Prime Minister that the Austenasian claim to the territory was relinquished.


Territory of Emperorsland
see Lichtenstein entry under Towns



Territory of Hoagland
Hoagland was a former colony of the Empire of Adammia which was claimed for Austenasia by its previously Adammic governor John Smith as a Territory on 10 July 2017, a month after it left Adammia. Smith and his family moved away from the area in 2021, making continued administration of the land impossible, and the Territory was dissolved on 10 July 2021.


Territory of Fraternitas
see Augusta entry under Towns


Territory of Bregusland
see entry under Crown Dependencies


Territory of Laranda
Laranda was annexed as a Territory on 28 May 2019 by its owner, Prince Dionisiy I. Comprised of a large area of farmland annexed from Turkey, the territory made up just over one half of Austenasia's total land area during its time in the country. Laranda was ceded to Montescano upon the departure of Prince Dionisiy from Austenasia on 1 June 2020.

Campo Del Sol

Territory of Campo Del Sol
Campo Del Sol was annexed as a Territory on 27 June 2019 after being claimed for Austenasia by Lady Sophia Albina. It was comprised of part of a garden of a residential property in California. June 2021 saw Albina advocate that New Virginia declare Austenasia an "enemy" and claim Campo Del Sol for itself, in a series of events that ultimately led to her being tried for treason. Recognising that a continued Austenasian claim to the territory was being used to strain relations with New Virginia, the Parliament of Austenasia passed an Act dissolving Campo Del Sol on 27 June 2021.


Territory of Oberfalcer
Oberfalcer was annexed as a Territory on 23 August 2019 by Remus Peroni, who was appointed governor of the land. Oberfalcer itself was comprised of two fields in south-eastern France. Peroni fell out of contact with the Austenasian government by mid-2021. Several attempts to re-establish contact failed, and with no replacement governor able to be found, Oberfalcer was dissolved and the land ceded back to France on 1 December 2022.

Seleucia ad Cilicia

Territory of Seleucia ad Cilicia
Seleucia ad Cilicia was annexed as a Territory on 19 September 2019 by its owner, Prince Dionisiy I, and was comprised of an area of farmland annexed from Turkey. Before work halted in reponse to the coronavirus pandemic, Prince Dionisiy had begun work on the construction of the Jack Beck Solar Farm (named in honour of the late uncle of Emperor Father Terry, with a plan for generated electricity to be sold to Turkey to provide revenue for Austenasia. Seleucia ad Cilicia was ceded to Montescano upon the departure of Prince Dionisiy from Austenasia on 1 June 2020.

Former Crown Dependencies



Principality of Axvalley
Axvalley was annexed on 20 February 2013, and was the first inhabited Austenasian Crown Dependency, comprised of a Brazilian farm with a population of seven. Measuring nine hectares, it was at the time of its annexation Austenasia's largest and most populous local-level land claim until overtaken by Corinium Terentium and New Richmond respectively. It was ruled by Rubens Machado, who governed the crown dependency as a Principality. Axvalley was ceded back to Brazil on 6 August 2017 by the request of its population.

Dominion of New Richmond
see entry under Cities

Crown Dependency of Terentia
see entry under Towns


Crown Dependency of Shineshore
see entry under Towns


Crown Dependency of Oregonia
Oregonia was annexed on 30 June 2014 by King Adam I of Überstadt, and was composed of a forested area of land within a public park. A treaty was signed between Austenasia and Überstadt on 11 July 2015 to regulate mutual defence arrangements for the area.

The crown dependency was used for various economical and environmental initiatives, including the production of dyed fabric for trade with the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact in August 2014, and the removal of invasive species of ivy in April 2018. Oregonia was dissolved on 10 February 2020 alongside the Secession of New Virginia (although it did not join the new country), primarily due to logistical difficulties King Adam faced in continuing to administer it coupled with obstacles to having a continuing Überstadti security commitment there.


Crown Dependency of Heischierland
Heischierland was annexed on 17 July 2014 by the residents of Lichtenstein, consisting as it did of the family's holiday home in the Canary Islands. As a holiday home, it was uninhabited for most of the year, although Lord Charles Clarke and his family stayed there over July–August 2014 and June–July 2015. Lord Clarke served as Governing Commissioner, and appointed his grandmother Maureen Clarke - who was not Austenasian but spent more time in Heischierland than the residents of Lichtenstein - to the position of Lord Lieutenant to serve as his deputy. Heischierland was ceded back to Spain on 23 September 2016 upon the resignation of Lord Clarke from politics.


Crown Dependency of Achem
Achem was annexed on 3 December 2014 upon being claimed by Tarik Kârjasary, who served as its Governing Commissioner. The crown dependency consisted of an area of open land which bordered Venezuela and Sabia and Verona, having been annexed from the former. Achem was dissolved on 29 October 2015 after Kârjasary had moved away from the area and had been unable to find a replacement Governing Commissioner.



Legionary Territory of Jovanovo
Jovanovo was originally annexed as a Town on 6 August 2017, comprised of two Montenegrin residential properties with a cumulative population of twelve people. Daniel Dankovsky served as Representative of the Town, which was transitioned into a Crown Dependency on 5 March 2018 after racist remarks were made by Dankovsky, in order to remove him from Parliament and distance the government from his views. While autonomous as a crown dependency, Dankovsky administered it under a far-right ideology he had created, and titled himself "Supreme Captain".

Dankovsky's ideological incompatibility with the rest of Austenasia eventually led to the central government dismissing him and withdrawing his subjectship on 9 July later that year. From that point onward, with no contact between the government and the population of Jovanovo, the latter administered themselves completely independently until Austenasia's by that point de facto nominal claim to Jovanovo was withdrawn and the crown dependency dissolved on 21 March 2019.



Politeia of Mouzilo
Mouzilo, a former republic in Ashukovo, became an Austenasian Crown Dependency on 14 February 2019. Comprised of a house in Greece, it was administered by its sole resident, Manolis Afentoulis (his grant of Austenasian subjectship rather than mere resident status gave Mouzilo a de facto right to vote alongside Towns in general elections). Afentoulis was a member of the Fatherland Party and supported Prince Dionisiy's rise to power, gaining a position in the Cabinet. Mouzilo became independent on 25 May 2020 due to the desire of Afentoulis to give the polity its own voice in foreign affairs and for it to gain control of its own destiny again, and was the direct predecessor of what is now Rhōmanía, a state with which Austenasia holds a strong friendship.


Bregusland Colony
Bregusland was originally annexed as an Austenasian Territory on 14 March 2019, consisting of the garden of a house in Arizona. Charles Ross, the Governor of the territory, encouraged Bregusland's association with British Hong Kong, and on 6 March 2020 it expanded to claim the neighbouring property, transitioning into a Crown Dependency. Breglsland was ceded to the United States on 31 December 2020 due to its population selling the property and moving to a different one.



Crown Dependency of Dinkeaw
Dinkeaw was annexed on 4 April 2020. Comprised of the garden of a residential property in Thailand, it was dissolved on 21 January 2024 upon the request of its founder and owner on the basis of security and privacy, concerns which also impacted the governance of the claim in 2021.