Republic of Fortawia

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Republic of Fortawia
Republika Fortawii (Polish)
Flag of Fortawia
Coat of arms of Fortawia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Res publica, res civium."
"Affairs of country, affairs of citizens."
Anthem: "Forteca"
Official languagesPolish
Ethnic groups
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Jakub le Mon
from Poland
• Independence
18 June 2023
• Primary Diarchy relinquishes control
9 July 2023
• Total
0.36 km2 (0.14 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
HDI 0.836
very high
CurrencyFortawian Crown (FTK)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright

Republic of Fortawia (Polish: Republika Fortawii), more commonly known as Fortawia, is a micronation located in central Europe surrounded by the village Janówek Drugi in Poland. Fortawia covers 0.36 km2 of forest with the fort - the most important part and the conventional capital.


Fortawia's name is derived from the word "fort" and refers to the fort placed in the centre of Fortawia. The fort was built between 1883 and 1888 and was used by the Russians during the World War I. It served the Poles during interwar period and after w:World War II until 1995. The name was chosen based on two suggestions from citizens which accounted for all citizens at the time.


On 11 June 2023, Jakub le Mon and Jan Głoska first discussed creating a micronation after an attempt six months prior which had quickly collapsed. On 18 June 2023 the Republic of Fortawia was founded and declared independence. Led by le Mon and Głoska, who made up the Primal Diarchy, simple Primal Laws were created to govern the nation and peoples were invited to join the state. Five individuals joined and democratically chose the name of Fortawia, the flag, and began constructing the state.

Fulfilling a pledge of bringing full democracy to Fortawia, the Primary Diarchy created a new political and legal system for which elections were held on 4 July 2023. Two new individuals also joined at this time.

The first election saw Jakub le Mon elected as President as well as a parliament, resulting in the Primary Diarchy handing over power to the new government on 9 July 2023. The new government's first initiative was to pass laws regarding the recognition of foreign states and further invitations were distributed resulting in elevent new individuals joining. The Fortawians also visited their claimed land to survey its condition during this time.

Politics and government

Fortawia is a republic with a partial separation of powers. The executive is formed by the President and the Council of Ministers and the legistative by the Parliament with the involvement of other branches. The judiciary is constituted by the president and the council of ministers under the control of the only appellate instance, the Supreme Court. Citizens have ample opportunities to intervene in politics. Government structures operate mostly on Fortawia's Discord server, which is the main hub of activity. Laws apply both within the server and on the claim land.


The President is elected for a 60-day term. He has no re-election limit. He is at the same time the head of government so he chooses and dismisses Ministers. He has the right to order a referendum on the dismissal of Parliament, in which case the legislative functions are temporarily taken over by the Council of Ministers. He can also call referendums on laws and has the right to propose a law. In the executive field, he includes all duties not assumed by any Minister. He enforces the criminal justice system.

The current president is Jakub le Mon. He competed against two candidates in the 5 July 2023 presidential election and won 100% of the vote.


Ministers are nominated by the President, who is also their head. They may combine their function with that of parliamentarian. Sometimes they can make changes in the law to their responsibilities.

Fortawia has five Ministers:

  • Minister of Digitalisation
  • Minister of National Defence
  • Minister of Culture and Science
  • Minister of Regional Policy
  • Minister of Finance


Population Growth
June 2023 7—    
July 2023 20+185.7%
August 2023 22+10.0%

Parliament has four seats and is elected for a 40-day term. It votes on law and, resolutions. It can order a referendum to dismiss a Minister with a majority of more than 50% and president with a majority of 3/4. Each member of parliament has the right of legislative initiative.

There were four candidates in the 8 July 2023 election, resulting in them being elected with no contest.

Every MP recives 1500 FTK every 20 days for it's hard work for the country.

Law and order

The enforcement of criminal law is the responsibility of the President and Ministers. Judgments that they administer may be overturned by the Supreme Court - an apolitical person elected by the President, Parliament and Ministers. He is re-elected whenever the parliamentary or presidential term ends. The Supreme Court must raise concerns about violations of the law by the President, Ministers or Parliament.


Citizens may vote in referendums administered by the President or Parliament and may force Parliament to vote on a law which has 10% support of the citizenry.

Flora and fauna

Fortawian landscape.

Fortawia is located entirely in a forest with deciduous and coniferous trees (mostly deciduous). Rare buildings allow nature to flourish. Tall trees cover the sky over most of the territory. Tall grasses and field flowers such as thistles or buttercups are common.

The diversity of animal species is not high. Fortawia is mainly inhabited by insects and birds. Elk and small forest animals are reported occasionally to roam there.


Fortawia's economy is undeveloped. The currency is Fortawian Crown (FTK). Based on data from the Ministry of Finance from 01.11.2023; 1 FTK is worth USD. An early economy is being developed which functions as a game, with participants earning virtual points which are intended to provide an advantage in a future, more elaborate, economic system.


Fortawia's culture is just starting and currently not much can be said about it. The importance of the online part of the micronation is probably going to make memes and various types of art that can be shared via the internet an important part of the culture.

Foreign relations

Virtual alliances

Mutual recognition

Unilateral recognition

Partial recognition