Francis Karma

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Francis Karma, Emperor of the Sayvilians

Francis Karma
Emperor of the Sayvillians
Assumed office
24 August 2019
Emperor of the Sayvillians Himself
Predecessor Carson Snyder
Personal information
Born Unknown
Birth name Francis Karma
Citizenship  United States
 Empire of Sayville
Nationality American

Francis Karma is the current Emperor of the Sayvillians in the Empire of Sayville. He initially joined the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions on 10 February 2019, becoming a citizen of the Empire of Sayville until he was installed as the Emperor of the Sayvillians on 24 August 2019.

Micronational career

Francis Karma initially joined the Commonwealth of Sayvillian Regions on 10 February 2019 to be part of the organization's roleplay after being invited by now Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sayville Dexter Ball. Upon joining he was granted citizenship in the Empire of Sayville.

Empire of Sayville

After the abdication of Nelfania, Carson Snyder was placed on the throne of the Empire of Savyille on 26 May 2019. After the conclusion of the UEC-ULN Conflict, a period of time dedicated to restoring a local government for the Empire of Sayville occurred. This was marked by Carson abdicating the throne to Francis Karma and being reinstated by Francis as Prime Minister. As the Emperor of Sayvillians, Francis formed the House of Insigniter on 20 June 2020 and expanded the government of the Empire with the addition of a Minister of Foreign Affairs. Francis would go on to pass a new constitution, the Constitution of the Empire of Sayville, which he had written.

Titles, styles, honors and arms

Titles and styles

 Empire of Sayville
  • 24 August 2019 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of the Sayvillians

Honors and awards

 Kingdom of Sayville