Francisco Gomez

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Francisco Goméz
President of the Republic of Rino Island
In office
March 14, 2017 - May 2, 2017
Predecessor Tomás Ríos
Successor Anastasio López
Born Chile
Political party Rino Island National Revolutionary Party (2017)
Residence Unknow
Religion Atheist

Francisco Gomez was a dictator from Rino Island, who succeeded Tomás Ríos. His government, defined as "anti-imperialist and revolutionary", was a true failure, destroying diplomatic relations and threatening the Kingdom of Numancia with war. He was overthrown by Judge Anastasio López and by then Brigadier General Marco Antonio Rino.

He was elected in an election without observers or electoral records, with fourteen votes out of twenty-nine, equivalent to 48% of the votes.