Frederick of Camuria

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Royal Crest of Camuria
King of Camuria
Reign29 July 1967 - 27 December 1993
Coronation30 July 1967
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorIan I
Lord of Godricsun
Lordship30 July 1967 - 27 December 1993
Assumed30 July 1967
PredecessorTitle established
SuccessorPrince Ronald
BornDecember 1911
Liverpool, UK
Died27 December 1993 (age 81-82)
IssueCrown Prince Ian
Prince Ronald
The Princess Royal
Princess Joan
James Frederick
HouseHouse of Forrest

Frederick (James Frederick; December 1911 - 27 December 1993) served as the King of Camuria between 29 July 1967 until his death on 27 December 1993. He was the first Camurian monarch after he established the kingdom as an independent state on the day of his accession.

Frederick was the first King of Camuria, regining for a longer period than any other monarch in Camurian history

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Early life

Frederick was born in December 1911 in the city of Liverpool, England. He worked for his father for most of his young life during the interwar period and lived in a prosperous area of Liverpool. After the outbrake of the Second World War he was employed as an ammunition factory inspector were he met his future wife and consort, Edith. In 1940 his father was killed during a German air raid over the city and all of the family's business establishments were all destroyed throughout the war. He became a father to the future king, Ian I, of Camuria and another three children before founding Camuria, which would be left to his son to govern as King Ian I.


King Frederick was the official founder of the Kingdom of Camuria in 1967 and is currently Camuria's longest reigning monarch, from July 1967 until December 1993. He ruled the nation as an absolute monarch, with only the nobility having any influence on his policies. In the latter half of his life he carried on boosting the national wealth, but also tried to extend trade links with other micronations that he saw were potentially quite strong. He created links across the British Isles and started trade on a small scale with closer micronations. King Frederick died on 27 December 1993, at the age of 82 in his home on the edges of Godricsun. Most of the islands population turned out for the funeral and work was laid off for the day of the funeral in most privatly owned business'.