Free Cities of Provincetown & Charleston

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Free Cities of Provincetown & Charleston
The Flag
Motto: In God's Favor we Stand
Largest cityCharleston
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentImperial Christian Theocracy
• Emperor
David Armington I
LegislatureImperial Estates of Provincetown & Charleston
• Census
CurrencyImperial Dial
Time zoneAustralian Eastern Standard Time

The Free Cities of Provincetown & Charleston is a splinter nation from the Conjolan province of the People's Republic of Xahastan. The nation was founded by David Armington, a former member of Workers Revolutionary Party of Xahastan.


As the People's Republic of Xahastan was transitioning from the coup, a group of former communist party members rejected Xabier Asensio's pledge for absolute socialist reforms and formed the Seconde Xahastanian Kingdom and immediately clamind the entirety of Xahastan, to the rejection of the communist party but by the end of 2019 the party dissidents led by David Armington, had been forced out of all but the small towns in the Conjolan province named Provincetown and Charleston. In early 2020 David Armington crowned himself as Holy Emperor of Provincetown and Charleston, Supreme commander of the Lord himself and protector of the faithful David Armington I. On Sunday 15 November 2020, Xahastan officially recognized the Free Cities of Provincetown & Charleston and opened up full diplomatic relations.