Free Fascist Party

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Free Fascist Party
Party LeaderThe Rt. Hon. Gen. Emma Spencer MP
Deputy LeaderVacant
Chief WhipHG, Gen. Mike Lewis, Marquis of New Charter
Founded14 June 2014 as the Lundenwic Militarists Party
Merger ofLundenwic Militarists Party (LMP)
Imperial Royalist Party (IRP)
HeadquartersNew Charter
Membership (July 2019)2
IdeologyFree Fascism
Italian Fascism
Political positionThird Position
2 / 6

The FFP is the largest and most successful political party in the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic. They currently hold two of six Cabinet positions.


Originally called the Lundenwic Militarists Party (LMP) was founded on 14 June 2014 in Charter. It was formed after the Imperial Grand Duke went head-to-head against the Prime Minister to garner approval for his Beautification Act 2014. The Act divided the Parliament for the first time in Lundenwic's history. The Prime Minister won in his bid to sink the act with the help of the Minister of Defence, the Rt. Hon. Gen. Emma Spencer MP.[1] It was soon after their victory, coupled with talk of elections, that the duo decided to form the LMP.[2]


On 20 August 2015, the Lundenwic Militarists Party and the Imperial Royalist Party merged to form the Free Fascist Party. After extensive discussions it was decided that the Rt. Hon. Gen. Emma Spencer MP, former LMP Chief of Operations, would serve as the Party Leader with the former leader of the Imperial Royalist Party, Bruce Robert Nevin, serving as her deputy. HG, Gen. Mike Lewis, Marquis of New Charter was forced to take the lower position of Chief Whip.[3]

Civil War

Following the civil war against the Communists, it was reported on 24 February 2016 that Bruce Robert Nevin had defected to the Communist Party of Lundenwic.[4] A decision was taken by the Party Leader to suspend his membership and position in FFP.

Ideology and Political Position

Originally the LMP considered themselves aligned with the Far-Right claiming the military should maintain superiority within the Government of Lundewnic. However, the FFP consider themselves beyond the right and left of the political spectrum. They follow the Free Fascist Manifesto, written by HG, Gen. Mike Lewis, the Marquis of New Charter, as an ideology which borrows from Italian Fascism of Giovanni Gentile. The manifesto claims "Democracy is a bureaucratic hindrance. It serves only to prolong the inevitable plans of the State. Society functions at its best without constant change of leadership and without the need of public approval. Without democracy, more can be achieved."[5] Although authoritarian the FFP champions liberal rights.