Free Federal States of Libertaria

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Free Federal States of Libertaria
Motto: Fiat Libertas
National Anthem: Ode to Joy
Official languages Classical Nynorsk, Riksmål and French
Denonym Libertarian, frimann/frikvinna, frimand/frikvinde, libértarian(e)
Capital city

Nye Vesterålen (executive)

Nye Romerike (legislative)

Nye Sandnessjøen (judicial)

Government Federal Republic
Founded 9 May 2009
Area 15.918 km²
Location Hedmark, Norway / Värmland, Sweden
Population 29

Factum/facta (ƒ) (centum/centi) (¢)

Euro is legal tender alongside factum, wich is pegged to the Euro

Head of State President Nikolai Endresen Dahl

The Free Federal States of Libertaria (Dei frie føderale Statane av Libertaria, De frie føderale Stater af Libertarien, Les États fédérales libres de la Libértarie) is a federal republic micronation situated between Norway and Sweden. It was established on the 9th of May 2009, and has not yet declared independence. The constitution, a modified version of the constitution of the United States, is under political consideration.

The current Government and Congress intend to seek membership in the European Union after its independence.


Libertaria consists of three states (Classical Nynorsk: fylke, Riksmål: amter, French: départements):

  • Nye Romerike
  • Nye Vesterålen
  • Nye Sandnessjøen