Free Principality of Cabode

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Free Principality of Cabode
Flag of Free Principality of Cabode
Coat of arms of Free Principality of Cabode
Coat of arms
Motto: Pro libertate et felicitate
"For liberty and happiness"
CapitalNorth Cabode
Official languagesPortuguese
Roman Catholic Apostolic Church
GovernmentLiberal principality
• Princess
Fernanda I
• Chancellor
• Total
0,027 km2 (10 sq mi)
• Census
13, in 2022
Time zoneUTC +0

The Free Principality of Cabode (Principado Livre do Cabode in Portuguese) is a micronation in Portugal. The Principality politics are focused peace, liberty, fraternity, equality and happiness.


On november of 2021 The Free Principality of Cabode claimed is independence, starting with a princesse and a provisional government until the elections.

After the first elections the communist party won and started the rule of communism in Cabode.

The Principality of Cabode had nine months of government until the red christmas revolution when the communist party achieve the full power in the senate and proclaimed the Communist Republic of Cabode.

Ending the Free Principality of Cabode on 24 December 2022 and begining the Communist Republic of Cabode.


The most popular game in Cabode is snooker, which is played by every caboden. Sometimes there is the caboden tournament (CT), that consists in a snooker tournament and occurs regularly.

One of the greatest dishes in Cabode is "arroz doce", a portuguese sweet pudding but with a special touch of Cabode's culture.


Cabode is a liberal principality, very similar to a constitutional monarchy but smaller. The elected government is writing the principality's constitution with the help of the people and the princess.

After some discussions betwen the Popular Liberal Party and the Nationalist-Socialist Coalition the first caboden constitution was completed.

First Election

On 19 March 2022 the first elections ocurred. With 72% of the votes, the Popular Liberal party won. With 28% of the votes, the Nationalist-Socialist Coalition party lost. With 0%, the Nationalist Liberal Party has no seats.

The Popular Liberal party will rule the principality for the next two years. Their main focus is to start conversations with others micronations and start the evolution of Cabode's economy, specially in agriculture.

Political parties

Party Ideology Seats
Senate Lower House
Popular Liberal Party Comunism
2 / 3
0 / 5
Nationalist Liberal Party Liberal Nationalism
0 / 3
0 / 5
Nationalist-Socialist Coalition Nationalism and Socialism
1 / 3
0 / 5


The Principality of Cabode has three provinces:

- North Cabode;

-South Cabode;

-Balças de Aço;

The provinces of Cabode Norte are where housing, markets and livestock are located.

South Cabode is where the vegetable crops are.

Balças de Aço is where we harvest olives to produce olive oil.


Cabode's economy is basically an agriculture economy. The main products are olive oil, seasonal fruit and vegetables. Beyond that, wood industry has a great impact, to prevent our houses from being very cold in winter. Another big sector of our economy is the livestock industry, which produces eggs and chicken and duck meat. Cabode does not export anything and only has a subsistent economy.

Cabode's economy is eco-friendly. Absent of pesticides in agriculture and plating native vegetables and trees.

Foreign Affairs

Cabode has a friendly vision with all cultures and nations, being able to negotiate with everyone with respect. However, to start some kind of trading, some requirements are necessary:

- Human rights must be respected in the nation;

- Both nations discuss with respect and friendship;

- Recognitions of sovereignty must be mutual.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with Cabode to start diplomatic relations can send an email to the address:

Mutual Recognition

Flag State Capital Pop. Area
Republic of Perla State of New Berlin Unknown 11.4 mi²
Kingdom of Scynja Drakhje Unknown Unknown mi²
Kingdom of Fontasia Fontum 15 Unknown
Kingdom of Bristolia Bristol 24 Unknown
Empire of Imvrassia 25 16.407 square meters