Sepranan People’s State

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Sepranan People’s State
Sepranan Volkstaat (German)
Oranmore bay with Seprana on the left.
Oranmore bay with Seprana on the left.
Flag of Sepranan People’s State
Official seal of Sepranan People’s State
Wave State
Sepranan Forever!
Country Ballinfoyleburg[a]
Established5 July 2022
Founded byLudwig Collins
Named forSepranan People’s Republic
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
GovernmentDevolved Syndicalist State government within a Federal Presidential Republic
Esty Carpentieri
• Lieutenant Governor of the Sepranan People’s State
• Governing party
Sepranan Socialist Party
LegislatureSepranan Congress
• 2022 estimate
4 (2nd)

The Sepranan People’s State (German: Sepranan Volkstaat) or just Seprana is a state of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg[b]. It was founded on 5 July 2022 following the annexation of Seprana by Ballinfoyleburg. The state is located on a small island off the coast of Oranmore in Galway City. It has been nicknamed the "wave state" due to its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Seprana is unique among the states of Ballinfoyleburg in that it possesses its own independent legislature.


The land now owned by the SPS was once the Sepranan Democratic Republic. This other nation eventually fell into inactivity and uselessness, so the Galway Sector agreed that Ballinfoyleburg should annex the SDR and make it into a state. The FSS Seprana claims the legacy of the Sepranan People’s Republic, the predecessor to the Sepranan Democratic Republic. There has been recent proposals to recreate Seprana as a special administrative region within Ballinfoyleburg, similar to Socialist Fgura in Melite. On the 12th of Febraury 2023, the Sepranan home rule act passed the federal assembly[1], creating an Sepranan legislature and changing the states name to Sepranan People’s State.

Government and Politics


The Governor of Seprana is the leader of the state. The Sepranan Congress is the unicameral legislature of the state.


The Sepranan Socialist Party, a branch of Fatherland Front is the ruling party of Seprana.


  1. Dispusted by Roscamistan, which claims it as a region of Oranmore
  2. Disputed by Roscamistan since 8 April 2023, as it claims to have annexed it that day