Free State of Albion

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Free State of Albion
Flag of Free State of Albion
LocationPirnmill and Wessenden Head, United Kingdom
Capitalnone defined
Largest cityWessenden Head
Official languagesEnglish (de facto)
GovernmentAnarchist community
LegislatureCommon Law, Area Meetings
EstablishmentApril 2012
• Census
CurrencyPound Sterling (de facto)
Time zoneGMT, BST

The Free State of Albion is a serious self-declared anarchist movement. It was established on the 7th of April 2012. The free state includes confirmed permanent territories in Scotland and West Yorkshire, and expands and declines when the situation arises.


The name 'Albion' draws upon the use of Albion as an ancient poetic name for pre-Roman Britain, probably based on the Latin 'Albus' ('white') as a reference to the colour of the chalk cliffs on the south coast of England.

In 1974 a group of London-based activists created the idea of a network of independent collectives and communities under the name 'Albion Free State' - this being the namesake of the 'Free State of Albion'.


After being inspired by the New Age Traveller movement, Freetown Christiana and the fall of the Republic of Taigh a Bata, Scott Harwood decided to create a leaderless autonomous movement of the United Kingdom. The legislation was drafted, and on the 7th of April 2012 two permanent territories were declared independent from the majority of United Kingdom law.

Government and politics

Albion is a leaderless anarchist community. Hence, there are no elections.

Law and order

Albion's territories are subject to two types of law - the Common Law and the local Area Law. The Common Law has the highest status, hence Area Law can not conflict with it. As Area Law can vary from place to place, each territory can have a different local legal system. Every Albionite may discuss Area Law at Area Meetings.

Common Law

The Common Law is based on the Common Law of Freetown Christiania. There are only eight laws defining the Common Law:

  • No weapons
  • No hard drugs
  • No violence and/or violence provoking actions
  • No biker colours
  • No bullet-proof clothing
  • No sales of fireworks
  • No use of explosives
  • No stealing

In the event of a person breaking those laws, then that person will be asked to leave the territory.


There are a number of defined territories in Albion:

  • Permanent Territories - these are territories that are permanently part of Albion. Currently, there are two permanent territories - McMillan and Wessenden Head.
  • Fixed Temporary Autonomous Zones - these are fixed areas administered by Albion when there is an Albion-organised event nearby. When there isn't one, the administration responsibility falls to the United Kingdom. If there is a permanent territory nearby, then the area usually falls under the jurisdiction of its Area Law. Currently, there is one of these territories at Wessenden Head.
  • Temporary Autonomous Zones - these are varying areas administered by or on behalf of Albion when there is an event. When there isn't one, the administration responsibility falls to the United Kingdom. These areas can potentially be formed and disbanded at any time.

Foreign relations and military

Foreign relations and the military are the responsibility of the United Kingdom.


Albion has a temperate climate, with plentiful rainfall all year round. The temperature varies with the seasons seldom dropping below −11 °C (12 °F) or rising above 35 °C (95 °F). Atlantic currents, warmed by the Gulf Stream, bring mild winters; especially in McMillan where winters are wet. Heavy snowfall can also occur during winter at Wessenden Head.


There are no defined official currencies, however, the British Pound and bartering are used.


Albion's culture mainly derives from the free festival and free party movements of the 1970s/1990s. One of the reasons for the founding of Albion was that free parties could take place with little resistance from the authorities of the United Kingdom.

Currently, there is one business on Albion territory - Scarwood's Anti-Social Club in McMillan. It specialises in cinema screenings and alcohol production.

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