Royal State of Bagradoria

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Royal State of Bagradoria
Regiae Civitatis Bagradoriae (Latin)
Flag of Royal State of Bagradoria
Coat of arms of Royal State of Bagradoria
Coat of arms
Motto: "Freedom, One Piece At A Time!"
Anthem: "The Bagradorian Chant for God!"
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary Absolute monarchy
• King
Chase Bernard
EstablishmentDecember 2021
CurrencyBagradorian keesh (X) US dollar ($) de facto

The Royal State of Bagradoria, or simply RSoB, is a self-proclaimed micronation kingdom that declared its independence in December 2021 by Chase Bernard, the First King. Bagradoria is also a member of the Union Against Micronational War. It is completely unrecognized by the international community and is remarked as being isolationist.

History and Claimed Land

During King Chase’s high school years, he discovered micronation media. It wasn't until 2021 when he founded the Royal State of Bagradoria. When the micronation was founded, it was known as the Free State of Bagradoria (FSoB) which had a theodemocratic government until Chase dissolved the government and restructured it into an absolute monarchy. Chase did this because he agreed more with the ideas of absolutism and King Louis XIV. But the biggest inspiration for the royal state's existence was Franz Joseph I of the Austro Hungarian Empire. In January 2023, the RSoB Constitution was drafted by the king to establish some reforms and trust with his subjects.

The RSoB’s official land is a ‘6 x’6 or 0.00113636 sq mile inflatable platform.

Government and Policy

The micronation is entirely Absolute monarchy with no political parties. The King and Queen both have executive, legislative, and judicial powers. The RSoB has a policy of Micronational isolationism because of a fear of socialist/satanic influence over the nation. The head of government and head of state roles are passed down in a hereditary manner from King to King and Queen to Queen.

National Holidays

Holiday Date
Anti-Totalitarian Celebration 21 January, 5 March, 14 March, 15 April, 8 July, 9 September, 20 October
Christmas 24-25 December
Repent Day/Chase's Birthday 10 June
Ramadan 1 April - 1 May
Vesak 6 May
Passover 15-23 April
Founding Month December
Anti-Hippopotamus Day 15 February
National Husky Day 26 August


Kingdom of Sanctimonia (Since April 2022)