Free State of Florensia

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Free State of Florensia
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'Creation, Adventure, Cooperation
Anthem: Glory of Free State
File:South Korea
CapitalStella City
Official languagesEnglish, Nexan language, Korean
GovernmentArchon System (Similar San Marino)
• Supreme Archon
Thoclus P. Kyle
LegislaturePeople's General Assembly
Establishment16. 02. 2018(Borsia) / 22. 09. 2020(Kingdom) / 09. 10. 2020(Present)
• Census
CurrencyNix ()
(de facto)
Time zoneUTC 9:00
[1] (Official Website)

The Free State of Florensia, colloquially known as Florensia, was established as a beautiful and free state system. Our nation is a Micronation officially established on 16 February 2018 to experiment to eliminate conflict and conflict in the world without power, and the current headquarters is located in the Republic of Korea.


On February 16, 2018, the Free State of Florensia announced the founding of the first 'Kingdom of Borsia' by establishing a plan for the island nation of freedom.

During the maintenance of the monarchy, more than 20 chaos persisted within the country, and the period was confusion that lasted from a few minutes to several months, and thus the country was frequently changed.

However, in 2019, the 'Empire of Crosentia' was destroyed, followed by a new 'Kingdom of Florensia'.

The country has steadily cooperated to resolve the confusion that has continued for about two years, and in order to create a more free and powerless country, the country officially abolished the monarchy in July 2020 and established an archon system and renamed it a 'free country'.

It was officially designated and has been maintained until now.

National Information

It wasn't until the end of 2020 that we, Free State of Florensia, began to lay the groundwork for abolishing the two-year-old monarchy and establishing a country where no real power exists.

Therefore, in our free state, we decided to change the political system to social democracy, and to continue with the national goal that has been in place since the days of the Kingdom of Borsia, in order to build a country where all citizens can live freely and without conflict, with the supreme archon as head of state.

Diplomatic Relations

The Free State of Florensia currently maintains formal relations with the following nations:




Flag and Coat of Arms explain:

  • The national flag was enacted in mid-December.

It is a vertical tricolor flag consisting of white, yellow and blue, with the sun symbolizing harmony in the center of the blue background, and a white laurel symbolizing peace around the sun.

White represents the future, yellow represents the archon, and blue represents the community.


The government applied a system in which the archons ruled as head of state, such as those of the former Roman Republic and the Republic of San Marino.

This system was decided during discussions on a new government system after the abolition of the monarchy in order to support the state's goal of eliminating conflicts with power.

Initially, as in the Republic of San Marino, it was applied as a system governed by two co-archons, but after about a month it was judged that the system had difficulty in properly governing, so one supreme archon became head of state and the other became the head of the state of council.

The system has been changed to take over the national vision.

The State of Council is in charge of the government's affairs and plays a role in the government.

Under the approval of the Supreme Archon, the head of state, the Secretary of the State of Council is appointed to take charge of the State of Council.

[Ministry List]

Emblem Ministry Minister Established Number of Document
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thomas S. Leturgey 2018. 03. 17. No. 01
Ministry of Culture Unknown 2018. 04. 15. No. 02
Ministry of Finance Unknown 2019. 03. 27. No. 03
Ministry of Safety Unknown 2020. 07. 18. No. 04
Ministry of Public Relations Unknown 2019. 08. 18. No. 05
Ministry of Health and Welfare Unknown 2018. 09. 19. No. 06
Free Security Intelligence Agency Mr. Baek 2019. 12. 23. No. 07

People's General Assembly

The People's General Assembly, as the legislative body of Florensia, is open to all citizens over the age of 15 who wish to become a member of the state.

The term of office is one year, 30 nominated candidates are elected by the vote and become members of the state to handle legislative affairs, and the chairman is appointed by the State of Council.

About three years have passed before the official assembly work begins.

It is currently in the planning stage.


Flag Name Governor Established No. of territories
Cellium Unknown 2019. 08. 27. No. 01
Pellia Unknown 2020. 06. 15. No. 02

—Cellium Province is the district where the capital is located. It currently occupies a quarter of the territory where the headquarters is located and is a province where the majority of the population resides.

—Pellia Province is the rest of the district except Cellium Province, where shops and schools are located. Florensia's Supreme Archon works primarily in local schools. The rest of the time work in an office located in Cellium Province. About three-quarters of the people live in this province.

National Holidays

Holidays Date Information
Holocene Calendar Establishment Date 01. January Day of the New Year.
Constitution Enactment Date 24. January First Florensia Constitution was Enacted.
Independence Day 16. February The first country, the date of the establishment of the Kingdom of Borsia.
A New Beginning Day 01. March The day that marks the beginning of a new year.
Reading Day 15. May A day to gain stability and nutrition through reading.
Day of the Sun Blue Flag (National Flag) 17. July First National Flag Anniversary.
Day of the Florensia 22. September Anniversary of the Founding of the Kingdom of Florensia.
Day of the Freedom 20. October National Largest Anniversary.
Christmas 25. December Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.