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Fryxilia (Frick-see-lee-uh) is a micronation on the North American continent with a constitutional monarchy style of government. It stands for freedom, fairness, kindness, and justice for all of its citizens. To read the Constitution of Fryxilia , click on the link.

Creation of Fryxilia

Fryxilia was created for enjoyment and education. Its creator and reigning king, Jaxon Wixx, formed it so that he could learn about how different goverments were run.

Fryxilia was the result of much hard work and dedication. Jaxon Wixx had tried to create a micronation several times in the past, but each time he had stopped his work on it, either from loss of interest or dissatisfaction with his work. He had given up the idea of creating a micronation for over a year, but in learning more about it, he got reinterested in it. At first it was difficult, but after a while he began to enjoy working on his micronation very much. After two weeks or so of creating symbols and a flag, in addition to writing the constitution among other goverment documents, his micronation was finished. He named it Fryxilia and crowned himself as King Jaxon Wixx.

National Symbols/Anthems/Pledges

Fryxilia has many national symbols which are as follows:

National Bird: Blue Jay
National Animal: Squirrel
National Tree: Pen Oak
National Flower: Henbit
National Insect: Fire Ant
National Foods: Steak

Shrimp and Grits

National Drink: Sweet Tea
National Dessert: Red Velvet Cake
National Colors: Orange, black and gold
Kingdom of Fryxilia

Flag of Fryxilia
Flag of Fryxilia
Coat of arms of Fryxilia
Coat of arms
Motto: Small But Mighty
Anthem: Fryxilia, Oh Thou Art
CapitalThe Canton of Gemma
Administrative centerGemma
Largest cityGemma
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised languagesPig Latin and Nerd
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King or Queen
King Jaxon Wixx
Nominal arid Real Sovereignty 
Even though the monarch has almost total power, he is bound by the constitution and rarely by the will of the people.
• Established
• Census
CurrencyBuelo, Jyke, and Ruemano
The National Symbol of Fryxilia

Fryxilia"s Treasury Symbol
The Symbol of the Fryxilian Treasury

Fryxilia's national motto is Small But Mighty, so King Jaxon chose symbols that are things that are small but mighty.

Fryxilia's Pledge of Allegiance is as follows: "I pledge allegiance to the crown of the kingdom of Fryxilia and to the cause for which it stands: one nation,under God, devoted to kindness and freedom for all."

Fryxilia's national anthem is Fryxilia, Oh thou Art.

Fryxilia, O Thou Art Lyrics

Written By Jaxon Wixx

Fryxilia,Fryxilia O thou art so fair

With banner of the stars and stripes

And crown of beauty rare

With your people, great and small,

And for your laws so fair

Fryxilia,Fryxilia O thou art so fair

Fryxilia,Fryxilia O thou art so strong

With army, navy, and them all

Who strive to right each wrong

With your rulers, kind and wise,

Who have a patience long

Fryxilia,Fryxilia O thou art so strong

Fryxilia,Fryxilia O thou art so great

With rulers kind and diplomatic,

That none dare to hate

With beauty and power

That none can recreate

Fryxilia,Fryxilia O thou art so great

Fryxilia,Fryxilia O thou art our home

With oceans and plains and

Tall hills full of loam

With houses around every bend

To show there's no need to roam

Fryxilia,Fryxilia O thou art our home

National Holidays

Fryxilia has many national holidays which are: Fryxilian Independence Day (March 16), Christmas (December 25), Christmas Eve (December 24), Easter ( Sunday after first full moon after March 21), New Year's Day (January 1), New Year's Eve (December 31),Thanksgiving Day (Third Thursday of November), Reformation Day ( October 31st), Valentine's Day (February 14), Mother's Day (Second Sunday in May), Father's Day (Third Sunday of June), First King's Day( October 7), Rhina's Day( February 10), Grandparent's Day ( June 17), Sibling's Day( July 9), and Guinea Pig Day( March 12).

The Nobility of Fryxilia

Fryxilia has seven titles of nobility: the King or Queen, the King or Queen Mother, the King or Queen Father, Prince, Princess, Lord or Lady, High Fryxilian, and Riceer(ri-keer). The King or Queen is the ruler of Fryxilia. The King or Queen Mother and Father are the King or Queen's Mother and Father. The Prince is the King or Queen's brother or son. The Princess is the King or Queen's sister or daughter. A Lord or Lady rules a territory within Fryxilia. A High Fryxilian is a Fryxilian citizen who has performed valuable service to Fryxilia and has been rewarded with the title. A Riceer is a person who has bought the title of Riceer.


Fryxilia's currency is made up of two coins and one bill. They are the coin bualo ( bway-loh), the coin jyke (Jihke), and the bill ruemano (roo-meh-noh). The currency is based on a iron ore standard. Their values are as follows: bualo=one fourth pound iron ore, jyke=one pound iron ore, and the ruemano=3 pounds iron ore.

Fryxilia's Tourist Attraction

Sea of Fryxilia

Fryxilia has one tourist attraction: The Sea of Fryxilia( formerly known as Choctaw Lake). This scenic body of water offers many things, including camping, swimming, hiking trails, and a playground.

Fryxilia's Military

Fryxilia has an Army, a Navy, an Air Force, a Fire Demon Corps, and a Darkling Corps.

Fryxilia's Army

Fryxilia currently has an active army. The last time it fought was when King Jaxon had to stop some followers of Ihcalam from attacking Gemma again.

Most of Fryxilia's strength is in it's Army

Fryxilia's Navy and Air Force

Fryxilia does not have an active Navy or Air Force. Although the Navy and Air Force have never seen battle, they are two of the best trained forces in all of Fryxilia.

The Fire Demon Corps

Fryxilia's Fire Demon Corps are made up of Fryxilia's best soldiers, which are hand-picked by the King and the High General from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Fire Demon Corps have seen more battle than any other force in the military and are the King's personal guard. They were crucial in both the First Fryxilian War and the skirmishes following.

The Darkling Corps

The Darkling Corps are Fryxilia's spies. No one save the King and the High General knows whether they are active or not. No citizen knows what they have done so far, but it is rumored that they spied on Ihcalam and Enialb during the First Fryxilian War.

Fryxilia's Cantons

Fryxilia's land is divided into cantons, which each canton ruled by a different lord or lady. Fryxilia currently has six cantons.


Gemma is the first canton. It is located in the middle of Fryxilia. The King and military operates out of this canton. Interestingly, this is the only canton not being ruled by a lord or lady, because this is the king's canton.

Nicknames The King's Canton, The Crown Jewel of Fryxilia, The Army Canton
Ruler King Jaxon Wixx
Origin of Name Gemma is "gem" in Latin.


Amicis is the second canton. It is next to Gemma. It contains a small body of water. It is currently ruled by a lord. Parts of Amicis are scattered apart, seperated at some points by some land of the United States of America.

Nicknames The Fjord Canton, The Scattered Canton
Ruler Lord H.
Origin of name Amicis is"friends" in Latin.


Cognati is the third canton. It is the second farthest away from Gemma. It is currently ruled by a lord. It is the smallest canton.

Nicknames The Little Canton, The Shaded Canton, The City Canton
Ruler Lord S.
Origin of Name Cognati is "cousins" in Latin.


Sublustri is the fourth canton. It is also next to Gemma. It is currently ruled by a lord. It is the biggest canton. It contains the Sea of Fryxilia. The Navy trains here sometimes.

Nicknames The Sea Canton, The Big Canton, The Navy Canton
Ruler Lord R.
Origin of Name Sublustri is "glimmering light" in Latin.


Altus is the fifth canton. It is near Gemma. It contains the King's Mount (formerly known as "Little Mountain"). It is the second largest canton. No ruler has been chosen for Altus yet.

Nicknames The Mountain Canton, The Canton of Crags, The High Canton
Ruler Pending...
Origin of Name Altus is "high" in Latin.


Potentia is the sixth canton. It is third farthest away from Gemma. It is currently ruled by a lord. It is the third largest canton.

Nicknames The Power Canton, The Sixth Canton
Ruler Lord L.
Origin of Name Potentia is "power" in Latin.

History of Fryxilia

The First Days

Fryxilia claimed its sovereignty from the United States of America on March 16,2022. King Jaxon Wixx crowned himself king the same day.

The First Fryxilian War

Rumors of Rebellion

Less then a week after King Jaxon was crowned, one noble of Fryxilia already had plans to leave (or rule) Fryxilia. This noble, Prince Ihcalam ( i-ka-lam), wanted to transfer his citizenship to another micronation and soon resorted to treachery.

The Mega-Wreck Alliance

Ihcalam went behind King Jaxon's back and spoke to a warrior named Enialb ( ee-nile-eb). Enialb had his own desires to rule Fryxilia, so these two traitors combined their powers to attack Fryxilia. They called their alliance the Mega-Wreck Alliance.

The Battles

The Mega-Wreck Alliance struck the unsuspecting Fryxilia soon after. It attacked the capital canton, Gemma. The Mega-Wreck was crushing the Fryxilian Military under its boot. Ihcalam and Enialb trapped Jaxon, but after a long, hard battle King Jaxon sent them running away. Fryxilia won that battle, and after a few more skirmishes the First Fryxilian War was over, with Fryxilia winning the war.

The Second Fryxilian War

Enialb's Redemtion

Soon after the First Fryxilian War, it came to light that Enialb had been tricked by Ihcalam into attacking Fryxilia. Ihcalam had told Enialb that Jaxon was evil and that usurping his power would be the right thing to do. Enialb came to King Jaxon and begged his forgiveness. The king, having recently found out that Enialb had indeed been tricked into attacking him, accepted his apology and gave him back his status in Fryxilia.

Ihcalam and The Princess

After all this had transpired, Ihcalam was approached by a girl known only as The Princess [even though she is not a princess]. She told him she had a plan to get him into the throne of Fryxilia. So they settled on a plan of attack and set the date for the attack.

The Warning

Luckily for the king and all of Fryxilia, a loyal citizen of Fryxilia overheard Ihcalam and The Princess's plans. This citizen immediantly went to Jaxon and warned him of the imminent attack. King Jaxon immediantly rallied all of his forces and prepared to defend Fryxilia.

The Battle For Fryxilia

Ihcalam, the Princess, and their forces arrived soon after. They were not expecting to see a well-trained army standing between them and the king. But they attacked without hesitation. It was a long, terrible battle. At the beginning, it looked bad for the forces of King Jaxon. But the tide of the battle turned when the recently-redeemed Enialb defeated The Princess and King Jaxon defeated Ihcalam. After this, it was only a short time before the opposing forces ran from the fury of the warriors of Fryxilia.

The End

After the battle for Fryxilia Ihcalam's and the Princess's forces were decimated. After a few more small battles, Ichalam and the Princess signed a treaty that ended the war, with Fryxilia coming out on top.