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Furland was a Former micronation founded on December 26, 2016. The Nation of Furland folded on January 6, 2018, after the threat of war from the Country of Reddit but mainly due to much internal pressure. Furland has been through uncountable amounts of changes and has had 4 heads of state. Due to the amount of people who do not want to be associated with this nation in any considerable way, their name shall be redacted. The term "drama" in this article shall describe: The disagreements, misunderstandings, fights, gossip, over exaggerations, and bickering between groups or individuals in a mainly negative matter.


“In basements far and wide

We know a secret pride
We formed a new nation
And did some legislation
So now we have a country where we can belong
So come with me dear people to the land that I call home
Off to the place that by Furland is known
It's not very big
Although it’s growing
It’s something that I dig
Even as some issues are showing
Although it came about by chance
And it might not stand one either
I think we all can say
I’m still quite glad to be here”

-Anaccountforfurrything 2/15/17

Furland Amino

Furland started as an idea on a telegram group chat on December 26, 2016, as a proposed joke. The founder of this "Furry Micronation" being, Snø The Dutch Angel Dragon (Called Lucky The Husky during this time). Taking to Furry Amino in which they called, "a platform so basic that it would be crazy to get results". had its downsides such as 1) the chat's existence would be harder to find the longer it lasted 2) people weren't generally interested and left. During this time the name Furland was given to this micronation idea and the Decrees of Furland was the first thing made, these decrees would make up the laws or rules of the Nation.

The Early Furland Republic

Flag of the Furland Republic prior to the Furland Flag Crisis

On January 10, 2017, a discord server was soon made for Furland which included 10 members of the Furry Amino chat. The dates after the creation of its discord and February 2017 was marked by inactivity and a member count "in the handful". During February 2017 Founder Snø took his spring break and placed effort towards the Furland discord server in terms of advertisement. The server experienced rapid growth with a population of 73 members by March 12, 2017. A #news chat was created for the people of Furland but was immediately filled with memes. Nuzzle News Network, now known as Furland News Network, being a Furland-based news organization being created on 3/15/2017 by ██████████.

The Government during this time marked with instability and was unable to keep chat moderated with the overwhelming activity of the discord channels. Not much information is known about the government prior to the Election of March 3 other then it's instability. During this time new political parties were formed, such as the popular Knotty Party (Later known as the Nuzzle Party) and the Sergal Party. The election of March 3, 2017 democratically elected President Snø and Vice-president █████-█████, electing Praetors as a from of elected local informal offices.

All known Praetors:

Praetor of Finance: ██████
Praetor of Agriculture: ██████?
Praetor of Technology: Doc ██████
Praetor of Yiff: █████
Praetor of eSports: █████

Praetor of Defense: ██████

Furland Flag Crisis and the short separation of the Nuzzle State

The flag of the Nuzzle State after the union of Furland and the Nuzzle state

One of the least documented events of Furland is the March 2017 Furland Flag Crisis. Started by the accusation that the original flag showed a symbol used by zoophiles. This crisis continued for 2–3 days as the nation, without a flag, looked for a new flag without "fox species favoritism". This ended with a new flag made by ██████████ which was based on the flag of California. Many versions were made, but the current flag of Red and White is what the nation kept until long after the nation of Furland fell into a non-micronation discord server.

During this time, headed by ██████████ and █████, for unknown reasons created a new discord server nation-state based off the popular Nuzzle Party. Known as the Nuzzle State, it had two main governors, ██████████ and █████. With all other party members becoming representatives of the Nuzzle State. After week long negotiations the nuzzle state was absorbed back into Furland but for the recognition of the governors and its representatives. After a few months the inactive server was then deleted by █████. This nation-state later influenced the creation of the state of Featherland of Furland on November 22, 2017, owned by ████.

Furland Republic

Flag of Furland after the Furland Flag Crisis

The administration of President Snø and the Vice-president █████-█████ ended with the election of March 26, 2017. This election brought a second term to President Snø but brought in newly elected Vice-president ██████████. One of the new changes to the administration was to create a new legislative branch to the government by converting all elected praetors to a Senate of Furland. The New senate created on April 11, 2017. Furland during this point still suffered from the ever growing member count and daily drama on the heavily active chats. The Furland Republic on April 14, 2017, numbered 75 Members.

The administration of President Snø ended with the election of April 30, 2017. The election of April 30th gave the presidency to newly elected President ███████ (Or ███), making them the second president of the republic and giving Vice-president ██████████ a second term. Shortly after the results were given, the April 30th crisis began with Founder Snø not willing to give up power and ownership of the server to president-elect ███████. There was talk of removing the young democracy and Snø becoming King but with enough public outcry, Snø gave in and gave ownership to president-elect ███████. The Senate was then organized into 5 seats with newly elected Senators. On May 14 Furland's closest ally and partner "Blueberry country" collapsed with a total of 100 members with server deletion. Around this time Furland joined a Union of Furry servers, known as the "Furry Union" with Secretary General ██████████ at its head to organize Furland's partners and allies. A new decree was voted in around this time that mandated that the President must run with the vice-president causing Vice-president ██████████ to announce his candidacy for president and second president ███████ to run with her new running mate █████ for the next election.

Government as of April 30th 2017:

President: ███
Vice President: ██████████
Senator: ████
Senator: ██████
Senator: ███

Senator: ██████

The administration of Second president ███ ended with the election of May 28, 2017. The winners of the election being vice-president turned President: ██████████ and Vice President ██████. On June 4, 2017, the newly elected ██████████ administration undid the decree placing the President and vice-president to run on the same ticket, providing Snø with a custom title of Founder of Furland. Gave all members the option to overhaul Furland's Decrees, channels, roles and bots in a special election. Early June 2017 was marked with a slow collapse of the administration, with Vice President ██████'s resignation, President ██████████ faced a crisis of ever-increasing drama and a Furland that voted to no longer having democracy but to transition to a "social" non-government discord server. With the suspension on all elections in a vote, President ██████████ was stuck with an unwanted position, making an agreement with Snø over the future of the server and the crisis. On June 15, 2017, President ██████████ gave ownership of Furland to Snø in the agreement to return to the second administration and place ██████████ as second in charge. Snø instead, removed government entirely, temporarily banning President ██████████ and filled the "Admin" and "Mod" positions with Snø loyalists, marking the end of the Furland Republic.

Government as of May 27th 2017:

President: ██████████
Vice President: ██████
Senator: █████
Senator: ██████
Senator: ████

Senator: ██████

1st Congress of the Nation of Furland

Sno's Government structure after June 15th 2017

Furland after the June 15th 2017 coup d'état was in Snø's complete control, Snø created a new government entirely, creating a symbolic legislative moderation branch called the "Council of Elders" with Snø giving himself the title of "Alpha". Around this time the Furry Union was disbanded after Furland left the Union.

Sno's Government structure after June 15th 2017, (Power structure goes from top to bottom).

- Alpha of Furland
- Beta of Furland
- Council of Elders

- Guards of Furland

The new Furland constitution was created and ratified on October 7, 2017. After a majority vote, with one council member dissenting, the constitution was ratified. This created a constitutional monarchy with Alpha Snø at its head, transforming the Council of Elders into the 7 members of the Council of Furland, as well as creating the 7 members of the Furland House of Representatives. The creation of the Furland Broadcasting Company on the same day. Candidates where announced on October the 8th 2017 with elections finalizing on the 9th.

All known Representatives of the Oct 8th 2017 election:


Shortly afterwards █████ was voted Furland's first speaker of the house, with ██ becoming the President of the council. The Nation of Furland having 156 members on Oct 9th 2017.

On October the 25th the house of representatives went into crisis, the reason why will be kept private, leading to an impeachment of a representative and the resignation of another. Leading to two new representatives being voted in, this is a first of many resignations and replacements within the house of representatives during the 1st Congress. An amendment over impeachment and resignations was added to the Furland constitution on October 31, 2017. As well as an overhaul of the server on November 3, 2017, and Furland's first trial on November 5, 2017, by the council. On November 22th 2017 Alpha Snø made the unprecedented move and issued an executive order, removing all NSFW channels and putting the server through another crisis over the powers of the Alpha. The Council and House repealing this executive order on the 23th in a vote. On December 1 Representative █████ leaves the house of representatives, with ████ leaving the council on the 2th, being replaced with ████.

2nd Congress of the Nation of Furland

The elections of December 19, 2017 brought no changes to the council but many to the House of representatives. bringing in the 2nd congress of the Nation of Furland.

All known Representatives of the Dec 29th 2017 election:


After the election, ███ became Furland's second speaker of the house. The Nation of Furland having 184 members by Dec 31st 2017.

The 2nd congress of Furland did not last long after the new year, due to pressure from Alpha Snø from his involvement in the scandal in the Country of Reddit and internal pressure by ███, ████, Alpha Snø dissolved government and purged many from government on January 6, 2018. Bringing the experiment of the Nation of Furland to an end after almost an entire year.

After the Nation

After January 6, 2018, Furland became a public discord server with no micro-nation characteristics, with nothing notable to report after this point. Around late February Owner Snø resigned and gave Furland to ██████████ on February 22, 2018, who then gave the server to ███ on April 16, 2018, who lead the server very successfully afterwards into 401 members by October 24, 2018. Furland today remains in memorial of a once great nation and wonderful people.