Galway Sector

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Galway Sector
General information
LocatedCounty Galway
Sector founded2022
Sector founded byThomas Jacobs
Nations in areaEight active, three defunct
Notable people in areaThomas Jacobs
Ludwig Collins
Jan Kotoński
Marco Hasse

The Galway Sector (also known officially as the Galway Nations or the Galwosphere) is the term used since 2022 to describe the sector or “civilisation of micronations in County Galway [a] and Galway City“. The term was first used on 12 January 2022 to describe micronational civilisation in Galway. On the same day as the founding of the Sector, the title of Great Chief in the Galway Sector, held ex officio by the Head of State of the most powerful nation in the sector at the time . Currently the President of Roscamistan is the Great Chief in the Galway Sector. In July 2022, the Sepranan Democratic Republic was annexed by Ballinfoyleburg, naturally meaning that the Sector lost a nation.

All the nations in the sector are based or were started in County Galway or Galway City. All the nations in the sector were either founded, co-founded, or were influenced in some way by Thomas Jacobs, excluding the Nortennish Walrike, located around Roscam, and governed by Thomas Jacobs as Senshalk.


Nation name Flag Arms Capital
Head of state
Head of government
Area (km2)
Water %
Republic of Roscamistan Galway City 18 February 2021 76
Thomas Jacobs
Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg Neu Königsberg City 18 December 2021 32
Ludwig Collins
3 km2 (1.2 sq mi)
East Galwegian Socialist Republic Capital District 7 September 2021 15 Thomas Jacobs Jan Kotoński
Kingdom of Nortenland Fieldwark 24 September 2021 Unknown
Wolfric I
Kingdom of Dungailliamh Jacobsfort 20 August 2022 12 Catherine I Matthew Tonna 0%
Free State of Östruck Henstein September 2020 11 Thomas Jacobs Marco Hasse
Kingdom of Scynja Drachje 31 October 2021 23 Džözyp I Joseph Montgomery
Kingdom of Fontasia Fontum 1 March 2022 50 Conor I
  1. The area outside of Galway City is called County Galway, and is not Galway County or the County of Galway. All counties on the island of Ireland have County before the name of the county. Examples include County Galway, County Derry (known to Ulster Loyalists as County Londonderry and to Irish nationalists as County Derry) and County Dublin