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Flag of Gamlas

Gamlas was a territory located in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, controlled by various micronations. It was ruled by Nico Fors, before it was passed to King Daniel I of Daniel-Land in February 2013 under direct rule. The Royal Family of Niclogia resided in an Niclogian enclave known as the Democracy of Fors, itself then part of Niclogia.

Gamlas was an autonomous part of Mahuset for few days in January 2013, and before that it was a territory of Royal Niclogia, before becoming part of Daniel-Land. However later it became a condominium ruled jointly by Daniel-Land and Niclogia. On February 9, 2013 it fully became a constituent nation of Daniel-Land under direct rule from Danland (later Danpana and Dania), before merging with Danland to form the Danland-Gamlas Republic of Daniel-Land. It was announced on April 29, 2013 that Gamlas would become a dominion of Daniel-Land and be part of the Daniel-Landic Commonwealth, however the idea probably never happened. The territory ceased to exist, alongside the inactivity of the other micronational claims of Danland (as Daniel-Land would later be renamed*, the geofictional claims continued to exist after that date and still do today as a separate entity) on the 27 May 2013. Since the revival of the micronation as the Earldom of Dania in 2016, there has been no plans to revive Gamlas, since it's of little importance to Dania whatsoever. As a result today, the territory fully forms part of Finland, though the Finnish government never recognised Gamlas' existence.