General Commander

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William Madgett in his study, the civil code next to him.

General Commander is the title used by William Madgett in his position as head of state of Kamore and head of government of Kirbia, which he created after losing his title as Prince-Consul of Kamore. The title first acted just as a military commander, but after the Council of Captains was abolished, it quickly became the head of state in Kamore. After the patrial annexation of Kirbia, the title was also used in the newly created puppet state of Kirbia as the head of government. The general commander is elected by the State Council of Kamore every two years for both his role in Kamore and in Kirbia, he chairs the state council and is responsible for its agenda. He is also responsible for nominating a national ambassador to be approved or rejected by a popular vote in the state council if the previous ambassador resigned, was deposed or died. The powers of the general commander are vaguely defined by the civil code, and although it is said that his powers are limited to the support of the state council, in reality, his military power and position as chief magistrate make him a dictator-like figure.