Gentoo Airways

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Gentoo Airways
Type of entity: Federal Corporation
Headquarters: St. Anastasia
CEO: To be decided by national election
Website Coming Soon...

Gentoo Airways is the proposed national carrier of the Federated States of Antarctica.


Gentoo Airways will be the third airline to serve all six continents (the first being Air Centrino and Skate Airways). Currently, only eight carriers in the world serve five continents: British Airways, Air France, Delta, Emirates, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, and South African Airways. International destinations include:

Gentoo Airways will not serve any destinations in the Middle East.


The Gentoo Airways fleet will consist of five aircraft types.

Airbus A380

An Airbus A380

Used for long inter-hemispheric flights, such as between Antarctica and Europe or North America. These flights can be anywhere from 18 to 26 hours long and a large aircraft providing maximum comfort as well as high fuel capacity is critical. The Airbus A380 is capable of carrying 853 passengers. However, Gentoo Airways will use first-class type seating in the entire aircraft. The upper passenger cabin will consist of sleeper cabins, similar to what is available on Amtrak trains. This will reduce passenger capacity to to around 450.

Boeing 737 and 767

A Boeing 767

Used for intra-hemispheric and trans-continental flights. This will be the most common aircraft type in the fleet.

Bombardier CRJ700

A Bombardier CRJ700

A regional class aircraft for short flights.

Passenger helicopters

A passenger helicopter

These will be used for transportation to locations that do not have a landing strip or runway, such as Georgetown and Vladiyug. In some cases, such as Vladiyug and the Adelaide Islands, a runway will be away from the main settlement. Passengers will fly via regional aircraft to the runway and then transfer to a helicopter, which will fly them to a heliport at the destination.

Dreamliner Cargo Jet

Used for transporting cargo to destinations that are not practically reached by sea or land.

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