Georgienstine First

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Georgienstine First
Georgienstine d'abord
ChairmanRaphaël Olivier
Majority LeaderAlexandre Olivier
Majority WhipRoy Jackson
Founded24 June 2020
Preceded byConservative Party
Constitution Party
NewspaperCentral Daily News


Political positionRight-wing
Colors  Dark Red
National Congress
9 / 16
5 / 7

Georgienstine First, formerly the Nationalist Party of Georgienstine and often abbreviated as GF, is a major political party in the Federal Republic of Georgienstine. The party lies on the right wing of the political spectrum, generally supporting national conservative and right-wing populist political positions. It is the current governing party in Georgienstine, having held power since Georgienstine's creation as a nation and only once losing the popular vote in a congressional election, in January 2022. The current president and vice president of Georgienstine, Raphaël Olivier and Ali Farrokhzad respectively, are members of the party. The party is currently led in congress by Olivier's brother, Alexandre.


Georgienstine First was founded as the Nationalist Party of Georgienstine shortly after the Kingdom of Syldavia reformed into Georgienstine, in June 2020.

The Nationalist Party contested the first presidential election in Georgienstine's history in July 2020. Its nominees for president and vice president, Raphaël Olivier and Raiponce Delaniche respectively, defeated the Labour Party nominees Ben Olson and Gus Rósínśtí handily, receiving 58.3% of the vote in the first round.

Like most parties at the time, early GF policy mainly revolved around foreign relations. The party initially supported joining the Cupertino Alliance, but later supported removing Georgienstine from the organizations. They also opposed joining the Union of Five. In ostensible contrast, President Olivier regularly negotiated treaties with other micronations, strengthening foreign relations. This was reflected during the 2021 presidential campaign, when it was touted as an accomplishment of the administration.

Throughout 2021, GF's agenda consisted mostly of broad institutional reform within Georgienstine. Raphaël Olivier was re-elected as president in the highly competitive 2021 election, defeating Socialist Labour Party nominees Ben Olson and Saionji Kintsune in two rounds. Olivier received 50.0% of the vote in the first round and 57.1% in the second round.

In late 2021 and early 2022, an ongoing culture war began in Georgienstine, largely revolving around LGBT rights issues. GF, per its conservative political ideology, supported traditional marriage, utilizing their legislative majority to pass the Defence of Marriage Act, considered one of the party's signature accomplishments. It was during this time that the Christian right faction began to gain traction within Georgienstine, with Christoph Billung arriving in January 2022, Thomas Jacobs joining in March, and Matthew Tonna arriving in April.

Throughout mid-2022, GF enjoyed very large legislative majorities and low opposition turnout, ushering in the era of GF domination. This era was marked by increased partisanship in Congress, but increased productivity; during this time, tens of economic legislation was passed with the purpose of forming an economy for Georgienstine. Social policies were also fiercely debated; the GF-authored Unborn Victims Act and Desecration of the Flag Act, which would have previously been impossible to pass, were enacted by the GF government. This era ended in September 2022, when GF suffered a 16.7% decrease in vote share from the previous election, which can largely be attributed to the Christian Social Democratic Party.

Raphaël Olivier was again re-elected with his running mate, Ali Farrokhzad, in 2022, defeating Ben Olson and Nicolas Caiazzo of Free Democrats. This election had the widest margin of any presidential election yet, with Olivier receiving 58.6% of the vote in the first round to Olson's 31.0%, a point spread of 27.6%.


Georgienstine First is a right-wing political party with an emphasis on free market economics, Francophone rights, and traditional social values. GF has major centre-right and far-right factions. It developed a paternalistic conservative and protectionist faction in late 2021 to early 2022, which was spearheaded by Ali Farrokhzad.

Many members of GF identify as Christian, and religious morals are considered to play a large part in party politics. Majority Whip and Governor Roy Jackson is considered the leader of GF's Christian right faction. Other members include former Speaker Matthew Tonna, former Majority Whip Christoph Billung, and Speaker Thomas Jacobs.

Electoral history

As Nationalist Party

Election Seats Vote share
July 2020 (House)
5 / 8
57.1% Steady
July 2020 (Senate)
3 / 5
57.1% Steady
September 2020 (House)
5 / 8
September 2020 (Senate)
3 / 5

As Georgienstine First

Election Seats Vote share
November 2020
8 / 16
December 2020
8 / 16
February 2021
8 / 16
April 2021
8 / 16
June 2021
8 / 16
August 2021
6 / 16
37.1% [a]
October 2021
8 / 16
December 2021
8 / 16
January 2022
8 / 16
Era of GF domination begins
March 2022
9 / 16
May 2022
10 / 16
July 2022
11 / 16
65.2% [b]
Era of GF domination ends
September 2022
8 / 16
November 2022
9 / 16
January 2023
9 / 16

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