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Gergenzedian Tsardom
Царство Гергензедское (Russian)
Coat of arms
Motto: Χαίρε!
(English: "Rejoice!")
Largest cityBalašov
Official languagesRussian
Eastern Orthodoxy
Governmentfederal constitutional monarchy
• Tsar
Dmitrij I Alexejević
• Posadnik
Alexej Inšakov
LegislatureNational Council
Establishment6 April 2020
• Total
6,196 km2 (2,392 sq mi)
CurrencyGergenzedian kuna
Time zoneUTC +3

Gergenzed (/ˈgɝgɪnzɛd/), officially the Gergenzedian Tsardom (Russian: Царство Гергензедское), is a micronation in the west of the Saratov oblast, Russia, that was created and is currently headed by Dmitrij Hodzĭko.

The country's capital is the urban-type settlement of Romanovka. The only official language is Russian. Gergenzed is a federal constitutional monarchy.

Gergenzed is one of the founding countries of the Eastern European Cooperation Organisation and is a member of the Organization of European Micronations and League of Independent States.


The name of the state was inspired by the names of countries in the Hungarian language. In it, the second root -ország is added to the main root, denoting "country". Example: magyar ("Hungarian") + ország ("country") = Magyarország ("Hungary", literally - "state of the Hungarians").

It is from the word ország that the final part of the name of Gergenzed was formed — -zed.



The Gergenzedian Tsardom was founded on April 6, 2020 by Dmitrij Alexejević Hodzĭko. In the first two months of the country's existence many laws were passed and several people acquired the country's citizenship. Diplomatic relations were established with countries such as Arandia, Lovegrasia and Waldreich. On June 2, an era of stagnation began in the country, which lasted four and a half months.

On October 21, Tsar Dmitrij I announced the revival of the state and the beginning of democratic reforms. On October 22, a temporary advisory committee of six citizens was convened, created to update and democratize the legislation of the young state — the Constituent Assembly.

With the beginning of November, activity in the state fell again, along with which another stagnation era began, which lasted until May 21, 2021.


On May 21, 2021, the work of the Constituent Assembly finally began to show results. On May 23, the expansion of the state's borders that was proposed on October 23, 2020 by a member of the CA Pavel Korćagin was finally legislated. The Constitution was adopted on May 29. On May 31, the legislative elections were held. On the same day, the Constituent Assembly was dissolved, and all of its members were awarded the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland".

On August 31, the parliamentary elections of the National Council's II convocation were held, on which the the Arandian Socialist Revival Party headed by Sergej Maximov took the majority. The newly elected Chairman of the National Council began actively proposing country's reforms. These attempts caused unrest among a certain part of the population, which is why Sergej left his post on September 12.

Despite Sergej Maximov's resignation, the reforms were nevertheless carried out, but in a milder form — on September 14, the Constitutional Commission was formed, and on September 29, the second edition of the Constitution was adopted.

On September 30, the snap elections of the current National Council's III convocation took place.


On January 5, 2022, the country's first population census was held.

On February 28, the elections of the National Council's IV convocations were held. They were originally supposed to be held on December 1, postponed due to the fact that only one party applied to participate in the elections.

On April 6, Tsar Dmitrij I Alexejević addressed the nation on the occasion of the second anniversary of Gergenzed. In it, he touched upon the problems of the state and announced large-scale reforms. On April 7, the Constitution was suspended, and on April 9, the number of deputies of the National Council was reduced from eleven to seven people. In addition, on the same day, the state switched to a federal form of administrative structure — instead of krajs, autonomous principalities were formed. On April 10, the State Council was created — an advisory body to the Tsar which deals with issues of the internal and external policy.

Om June 28, the Charter of the National Council was adopted. This is the first document intended to replace the cancelled Constitution. The post of the Chairman of the National Council was renamed and is now called Posadnik. Elections will be held every six months instead of three.

On July 1, the elections of the National Council's V convocations were held.

On September 19, Gergenzed joined the League of Independent States.

On October 3, Gergenzed joined the Organization of European Micronations.


Gergenzed is located on the territory of Balashovsky, Romanovsky, Turkovsky and parts of the Arkadaksky and Rtishchevsky districts of the Saratov oblast of the Russian Federation.

The country is located between the Oka-Don Plain and the Volga Upland. The highest point is 207 meters (679 feet) above sea level.

The country's territory lies within the zone of temperate climate.

Chernozem soils are widespread throughout the territory.

Internal structure


Gergenzed is a unitary state and a constitutional monarchy, wherein the Tsar is the head of state and the guarantor of the Constitution and national sovereignty, the rights and freedoms of people and citizens. The country's government is composed of three branches:

  • Legislative: The unicameral National Council, composed of 7 deputies, adopts laws and approves treaties.
  • Executive: The Tsar coordinates the work of public authorities and signs international treaties.
  • Judiciary: The Supreme Court, whose judges are appointed by the National Council.

The National Council is elected by popular vote for a six-month term. It is headed by the Posadnik.

List of Posadniks
Convocation Term of office Name
I 31.05. — 31.08.2021 Korćagin Pavel Ruslanović
II 01.09. — 12.09.2021 Maximov Sergej Alexandrović
II (acting) 12.09. — 30.09.2021 Korćagin Pavel Ruslanović
III 01.10.2021 — 28.02.2022 Korćagin Pavel Ruslanović
IV 01.03. — 01.07.2022 Inšakov Alexej Alexandrović
V 02.07.2022 — 03.01.2023 Skvorcov Alexej Alexandrović
VI 04.01.2023 — 03.07.2023 Brovkin Dmitrij Sergejević
VII 04.07.2023 — present Inšakov Alexej Alexandrović

Administrative structure

Gergenzed is a federal state that consists of three principalities (Balašov, Romanovka and Turki), one capital district (Romanovka) and the Free city of Balašov.

Foreign policy

Gergenzed pursues a predominantly neutral foreign policy that is friendly towards other micronations. Gergenzed is a member of the League of Independent States.

Diplomatic relations with other micronations

Only treaties in force are listed.

Flag Name Treaty signed
Waldreich 22 May 2021
Suoria 22 May 2021
Union State of Alviria and Dragorossia 29 May 2021
Țauomor 15 July, 2021
Levedia 30 July 2021
Bakhetia 22 September 2021
Witoldia 13 January 2022
Teweria 18 January 2022
Desnarus 24 March 2022
Zelesia 10 April 2022
Laugrasia 13 April 2022
Esgeldia 13 April 2022
Diveria 14 June 2022
Moskvoland 2 October 2022
Konakia 27 October 2022
Lovia 9 December 2022
Oryntea 12 January, 2023
Kamenrus 15 January 2023

Membership in micronational organizations

Name Period
Organization for Security and Co-operation of Micronations 27 May 2021 — 13 June 2022
Eastern European Cooperation Organization since 22 September 2021
League of Independent States since 19 September 2022
Organization of European Micronations 3 October 2022 — 1 July 2023


From the very beginning of its existence, Gergenzed's culture was inspired by the culture and aesthetics of the Moscow Principality of the 16th-17th centuries, as well as by the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century. Russian pre-reform orthography was used on the official before May 29, 2021.


Orthodox Christianity is the official religion, but despite this, freedom of religion is guaranteed to everyone. Pascha and the Twelve Great Feasts are holidays with the national status. According to the 2023 census, 48% of citizens identify themselves as Orthodox. Christianity is the largest religious group in the country.


On September 4, 2021, the Gergenzedian calendar was introduced, which is used in parallel with the Gregorian and is mostly symbolic. For example:

March 6, 2022 — 1st of Berezenĭ, year 2nd

National romanization standard

On April 21, the Gergenzedian national standard for the romanization of the Russian language was officially adopted.

Gergenzedian national standard for the romanization of the Russian language


Romanization Special provision Examples
А (а) A (a) Астрахань = Astraha
Б (б) B (b) Балашов = Balašov
В (в) V (v) Владимир = Vladimir
Г (г) G (g) Гергензед = Gergenzed
Д (д) D (d) Данилкино = Danilkino
Е (е) Je (je)
  1. Word-initially;
  2. after vowels;
  3. after й;
  4. after ь;
  5. after ъ.
  1. Елань = Jelanĭ
  2. Репное = Repnoje
  3. Сойер = Sojjer
  4. Юрьев = Jurĭjev
  5. Объезд = Ob'jezd
E (e) All other cases Перевесинка = Perevesinka
Ё (ё) Jo (jo)
  1. Word-initially;
  2. after vowels;
  3. after й;
  4. after ь;
  5. after ъ.
  1. Ёдва = Jodva
  2. Змииёвка = Zmiijovka
  3. Айёган = Ajjogan
  4. Воробьёво = Vorobĭjovo
  5. Кебанъёль = Keban'jo
Ë (ë) All other cases Семёновка = Semënovka
Ж (ж) Ž (ž) Жуков = Žukov
З (з) Z (z) Вязьма = Väzĭma
И (и) I (i) Иркутск = Irkutsk
Й (й) J (j) Йошкар-Ола = Joškar-Ola
К (к) K (k) Карай = Karaj
Л (л) L (l) Лунино = Lunino
М (м) M (m) Макарово = Makarovo
Н (н) N (n) Новосибирск = Novosibirsk
О (о) O (o) Омск = Omsk
П (п) P (p) Перевесинка = Perevesinka
Р (р) R (r) Романовка = Romanovka
С (с) S (s) Семёновка = Semënovka
Т (т) T (t) Турки = Turki
У (у) U (u) Углич = Uglić
Ф (ф) F (f) Федоровка = Fedorovka
Х (х) H (h) Хабаровск = Habarovsk
Ц (ц) C (c) Цимлянск = Cimlänsk
Ч (ч) Ć (ć) Чебоксары = Ćeboksary
Ш (ш) Š (š) Шахтёрск = Šahtërsk
Щ (щ) Ś (ś) Усть-Щербедино = Ustĭ-Śerbedino
Ъ (ъ) ' Объезд = Ob'jezd
Ы (ы) Y (y) Тында = Tynda
Ь (ь) Ĭ (ĭ) Тюмень = Tümenĭ
Э (э) E (e) Электрогорск = Elektrogorsk
Ю (ю) Ju (ju)
  1. Word-initially;
  2. after vowels;
  3. after й;
  4. after ь;
  5. after ъ.
Ü (ü) All other cases
Я (я) Ja (ja)
  1. Word-initially;
  2. after vowels;
  3. after й;
  4. after ь;
  5. after ъ.
Ä (ä) All other cases
Ѯ (ѯ) X (x) Archaic Cyrillic letter; used in Gergenzed only in loanwords
Ѱ (ѱ) Ps (ps) Archaic Cyrillic letter; used in Gergenzed only in loanwords


The country's unofficial currency is the Gergenzedian kuna. Only one banknote's design is known. The exchange rate has yet not been set.