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Global Earth Oceans (GEO) was originally an offshoot of the Fifth World Community (5WC), the first settlement and largest proto-village formed by the supporters of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA).

However, the UMMOA was disbanded on 3 June 2017, because the international political, even registered — USPTO Registered Trademark 4592162 — political party, lacked serious support from more than two people.

In addition to this, The Tallini Family (TTF), the original micronation founder of the UMMOA and all Fifth World-related developments, was attacked by New York State on 29 June 2019, and this alleged "protection" of one of TTF's nationals, who had been kept alive for more than 3.5 years after a massive stroke or CVA by her son, essentially an unlicenced nurse and doctor, actually precipitated her early death on 11 August 2019, less than two months later.

Since 11 August 2019, the Founder of The Tallini Family (TTF) has fallen on hard times, made even worse by the Covid-19 pandemic, and so The Tallini Family (17.11.1998 – 11.08.2019) has ceased to exist.

Afterwards, even the Cesidian Church, after its late historical phase (16.12.2015 – 08.07.2020), has ceased to exist, when all calls for support from its Bishop went unheeded, and the Magdalene Christianity (09.07.2020 – 03.02.2021) era had started.

It is hoped that these two major falls, the fall of The Tallini Family and the Cesidian Church, will lead to new, and more rewarding and concrete societal-political developments in the near future.

GEO History

There have been several attempts to start the new region of Global Earth Oceans (GEO), but most efforts were premature, and thus became little more than failed experiments, and/or learning experiences. Some experiments have yielded exceptional societal-political wisdom (Cesidian societal-political science), and so they were not a total loss.

On 6 December 2014, Google verified the postal address of the main office of the new region called Global Earth Oceans (GEO). However, this office was far too dependent on Earth-based land and postal addresses, which are ultimately controlled by police states, not individuals or even property owners, so this was just an experience, which like previous experiences, led to nothing genuinely new from a practical point of view.

On 12 February 2015, the Guru of GEO was able to verify for the first time that Google had accepted the new region called Global Earth Oceans (GEO), and Google had even accepted its main office as a Government Office.

On 31 March 2018, the Kingdom of Ourania accepted Cesidian law through the formerly operational website. With this development, Cesidian law had been accepted in a strong way at least six times, and according to the Kingmaker tool this was strong evidence that suggested Cesidian law had become fully delineated, without even the force of single country's constitution. However, not just Cesidian law had been accepted in a strong way at least six times, or had become fully delineated, but also Global Earth Oceans or GEO had become fully delineated, so GEO had sufficiently materialised into a new region or genus.

Again, while these experiences have allowed the development of great new ideas or tools, the fact remains there is no extensively accepted new region or genus called Global Earth Oceans or GEO. In fact, even the societal-political support of the Kingdom of Ourania has been too feeble for even the micronation to be considered anything less than an unstable entity at best, and a vanity micronation at worse.

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