Gordonz Administrative Region

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Gordonitsa Adminitstya Regionatsiyy

Federal Subject of Los Bay Petros

Flag of Gordonz

Location of region within Los Bay Petros
Full Name Gordonz Administrative Region
Capital Gordonz City
Established October 14th 2009
Area 2700 sqm
Population 1 (Non-Citizen: approx. 200)
License Plate code 2G
Type Special Direct Region
Leader(s) Governor Faris Ramadhan
Divisions / Counties 4
NLC Seat
State Representative from Nasakom Party

Gordonz Administrative Region (Gordonz: Gordonitsa Adminitstya Regionatsiyy) is the one of ten administrative region in Los Bay Petros.

Gordonz is one of the special regions in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros and one of three administrative region with an autonomy status. Gordonz Administrative Region was founded on December 13 2009, after the schism with the State of Western Los Bay Petros. Gordonz is bordered by the Los Bay Petrosian Borderline in the north, New Pershing in the south, the State of Western Los Bay Petros in the west and Dagen-Madinah in the north.


Gordonz has several counties, they are:

Gordonz within Los Bay Petrosian Territory