Governance Advisor of Sildavia and Borduria

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Governance Advisor of Sildavia and Borduria
The Marchioness of Libertino

since 28 July 2022
StyleThe Right Honourable
AppointerMaria I of Sildavia
Term lengthNo term limits are imposed on the office
Inaugural holderThe Duchess of Heiliger Andreas
Formation22 February 2021

The Governance Advisor and President of the Privy Council of Sildavia and Borduria, commonly known as The Governance Advisor is the advisor to the Hergerian Monarch in they duties as head of state and government. She also chairs the Sovereign's Privy Council.

List of Governance Advisors of Sildavia

No. Name Portrait Office Sovereign
I The Duchess of Heiliger Andreas 22 February
28 July
Queen Maria I
First Woman to assume the office
II Marcela, Marchioness of Libertino File:The Marchioness of Libertino Official Portrait.jpg 28 July
Present Queen Maria I

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