Government of Eintrachtia

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Government of Eintrachtia
Established2017 (2017)
LeaderChancellor of Eintrachtia (Penguin Ballister)
Appointed byMonarch of Eintrachtia (John I)
Main organCabinet of Eintrachtia
Ministries5 (main)
Responsible toParliament of Eintrachtia
WebsiteOfficial website of Eintrachtia

The Government of Eintrachtia (C.R.E. Government or Government of the C.R.E.) is the central government of Eintrachtia, a constitutional monarchist micronation which consists of more than 4 distant territories in Europe, Oceania and Antarctica. The Monarch is the Head of State and the Chancellor as the Head of Government. The government consists of 3 main branches, namely the Executive, the Parliament and the Judiciary.

Originally established in 2017, the Government of Eintrachtia reformed multiple times from the original constitutional monarchy to a imperialist monarchy, then back to a democratic constitutional monarchy.


The government was first established during the Penguins Republic period of Eintrachtia. It was then called the National Council, in 2021, with the establishment of the Constitutional Republic, the first Chancellor was elected, before that, the government was overall managed by the Royal Court, including the King.

Based on the Constitution of Eintrachtia, the head of state is the King, while the head of government is the chancellor. The chancellor is elected by a popular vote for a four-year term on the same ticket as the vice chancellor. The chancellor has authority over five administrative ministries: the Ministries of Executive, Finance, Defense, Health and Foreign Affairs. The chancellor appoints the president of cabinet, a premier who is the president of the Executive Council; members are responsible for policy and administration.

Since 2021

Originally, the Parliament of the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia was elected in 2020 to officially carry out the duties of choosing the chancellor, to amend the constitution, and to exercise the sovereignty of the citizens, but in fact, the Parliament's role in 2021 seemed to reconfirm the executive powers of the chancellor. Amending the Eintrachtian constitution now requires the approval of over 75% of the votes in the Parliament, including the chancellor and the ministries.

Organizational structure

Flag of the Government of Eintrachtia

The government formally consists of 3 main branches in the central government and 5 main ministries. In practice, the system resembles separation of powers, as the central government is separated into 3 branches of executive, legislature and the judiciary. The monarch, however, has a limited participation power in the government.

Category Name Role
Executive Chancellor Head of state, Executive
Vice Chancellor
Chancellor's Office Advisory and administrative

agencies to the Chancellor

National Ministry of Security
Legislature Parliament Legislative Council
Judiciary Royal Court of Appeal Judiciary, Court
Ministries Executive Council Executive, Cabinet
Ministry of Finance Financial Council, with it are the Ministries of Industry and Trade
Ministry of Defense Under the National Ministry of Security, manages the military defenses and armies.
Ministry of Health Providing healthcare services to the people
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Administrates and manages the diplomatic relations of the nation
Flag of the Chancellor of Eintrachtia


The executive of the government is the Chancellor, along with it are the Chancellor's Office and the Ministry of Security, both protecting the overall matter and safety of the government and the Chancellor. The Chancellor of the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia is responsible for enforcing laws, and can appoint the members of the Constitutional Executive Council, and is the President of Cabinet.[1]

Legislature (Parliament)

Distribution of seats in term 2023[2]

The legislature of Eintrachtia is the Parliament, which is the branch basically responsible of making and passing laws. It is the supreme legislative body of the government and holds the highest representation of the legislation of the government. There are currently 20 seats n the Parliament, most of which are occupied by the Conservative Party and the Democratic Party. The head of the parliament is the Parliament Speaker.


The Royal Court of Appeal is the highest judicial system in the government. It is the supreme court of Eintrachtia. It is responsible for interpreting laws, the judges are appointed by the King annually.


  1. The Government of Eintrachtia was retroactively the (Penguinsian) National Council, the Eintracian National Government and the Imperial Government of Eintracia.


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