Government of Uniland

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Government of the Republic of Uniland
The People's Government
National Seal
StateRepublic of Uniland
LeaderPremier of Uniland
Main organCounsel of Ministers
Ministries13 (1 Committee)
Responsible toPeople's Parliament
Headquarters3rd Floor
Hillview Province

The Government of The Republic of Uniland is the main executive governing body of The Republic of Uniland. The Government was created when the republic was founded in May 2018. The head of the government is the Premier of Uniland who is also the head of state of the republic. The Premier is elected by the people of the nation every five years. In elections the candidates are made up of at least two party officials, the people choose the candidate they want to become Premier. There are no term limits so if a candidate keeps getting elected they can hold office until they die or voluntarily give up their power.

The Counsel of Ministers is the Unilandian equivalent of the cabinet. The counsel is made up of the ministers of all the ministries in the Government as well as the Premier of the Republic and they're subordinate the Deputy Premier.

Government Ministries