Government of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic

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The government of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic is the governing collective body of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic. It does not strictly differentiate between the classic 3 divisions of power executive, judicative and legislative.


The highest office of the state and the government is the Central Committee of the Communist Workers' Party. It supervises the actions of the People's Commissariates (of which the office-holders are usually Central Committee members) and holds decree power. The People's Commissariates act as ministries and are elected by the CC of the Communist Workers' Party, advised in such decision by the National People's Assembly.


People's Commissariates Advisory Councils/other offices Leadership
Agriculture, Forestry and Health Reforestation Henrike Braun
Collectivization and Land Reform
Institute for Pharmaceutical Research
Domestic Affairs Peoples' Self-Determination Liana Dubsky
Labor none Michaela Hundstorf
National Sovereignty none HoK. Paula Moser
Gender and Sexuality Women's Rights Henrike Braun
Queer Rights
Economy none Luna Dubcek
Foreign Affairs none Luna Dubcek
Justice none Liana Dubsky
Science, Education and Communication none Ismail Konovalov
Transportation Railways Otavio Fernandes
People's Security Office for Protection from Counter-Revolutionary Activities (BAKU) Liana Dubsky

Governmental institutions can currently be contacted through the temporary email or the government website.

National People's Assembly

Party Leadership Founded Position Seats
  Pangavian Communist Workers' Party PCWP Central Committee of the PCWP (collective leadership) 6 June 2016 Far-left
17 / 22
  Pangavian Social-Democratic Party PSDP Herbert Maierhofer 4 August 2017 Centre-left to left
3 / 22
  Pangavian Green Party Greens vacant 4 August 2017 Centre-left, Green politics
2 / 22