Governor-General of Malpok

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Governor-General of Malpok
Office of the Governor-General
StyleThe Right Honourable
Member ofPrivy Council
Reports toMonarch
ResidenceGovernment House
SeatPort Volas
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Formation15 November 2022

The Governor-General of Malpok is the Viceroy of the Kingdom of Malpok. They represent the monarch of Malpok. The governor-general is appointed by the monarch and may exercise much of the monarch's power in their absence.


The governor-general is appointed by the monarch. The monarch has the ability to appoint the candidate they feel are most fit for the position, however parliament may nominate candidates for the position.


The governor-general officially serves at the monarch's pleasure. However, by convention, the governor-general typically serves over two governments and then can resign or stand for re-appointment.


In some instances, typically on the advice of the Prime Minister, the governor-general can be dismissed or re-called prior to the end of their expected term.


Governmental Role

As the governor-general typically is appointed to serve in the absence of the monarch they may take on some of the monarch's duties.

Some of their duties include:

  • Appointing a Prime Minister
  • Appointing Other Ministers
  • Issuing Royal Assent to Bills
  • Issuing Honours and Titles

Ceremonial Role

As well as a governmental role, the governor-general has a representative and ceremonial role. Governors-general generally become patrons of various charitable institutions, present honours and awards as well as host functions for various groups of people including ambassadors to and from other micronations.



The governor-general is granted the styles of His/Her Excellency The Right Honourable during their tenure, with their spouse being permitted to hold the style of His/Her Excellency.

As the governor-general reports to the monarch and can sit in the Privy Council of Malpok, they are allowed to be addressed as the right honourable.


The governor-general is entitled to an official residence while in office. Their residence is known as Government House and is located in the capital city of Port Volas.

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