Governor-General of South Formosa

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Governor-General of South Formosa
Gobernador General de Sur de Formosa
Luke of Wellmoore (acting)

since 30 December 2021
Office of the Governor-General
Member ofState Council of South Formosa
Reports toGovernment of Tinakula
ResidenceSouth Formosa
AppointerExecutive Council of Tinakula
based on Election Results
Term lengthAt the Executive Council's Pleasure
PrecursorMonarchy of South Formosa
Formation30 December 2021
First holderLuke of Wellmoore
DeputyDeputy Governor-General of South Formosa

The Governor-General of South Formosa is the Head of Government in the Commonwealth of South Formosa.


The role of Governor-General was established on 30 December 2021 after the Republic of Tinakula annexed the Crowned Republic.


Defacto Head of State

The Governor-General is the de facto head of state and carries out the duties of the Presidency of Tinakula in the Commonwealth. The Governor-General oversees the operations of the State Council of South Formosa on behalf of the Government of Tinakula.


The Governor-General is appointed directly by the Executive Council of Tinakula.

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