Governor of the Parade District

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The Governor of the Parade District is the Government Official charged with running the Parade District of the Republic of Oshad. The Governor is the de-facto Chief Superintendent of the Oshad Police Force in the Parade District.

Governor of the Parade District
Gouverneur des Paradebezirks
None Appointed
Parade District Council
Council of Governors
TypeDistrict Governor
Member ofCouncil of Governors
Reports toParade District Council
AppointerPresident of Oshad
Formation10th of October 2021


The Office of Governor of the Parade District was founded on the 10th of October 2021, after the establishing of the Parade District.

Governing Powers

Legislative Power

The Governor of the Parade District governs on the President of Oshad's behalf.

The Governor is responsible for managing the district, enforcing the Utopian Party's policies and passing laws within the district.

Policing Powers

The Governor acts as the regional Chief Superintendent to help prevent crime within the district.

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