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Kingdom of Grýttlund
RegionsKingdom of Grýttlund
Number of speakers1
Language familyIndo-European
Type of languageConlang

Grýttonic (Grýttseaxān) is an Anglo-Frisian constructed language spoken by the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Grýttlund. The language is derived from Old English, and its vocabulary is heavily influenced by it. However, the grammar of Grýttonic is noticeably different to that of Old English, and is more closely comparable to the grammar of Romance languages, namely Spanish.



A marked difference between Grýttonic and Old English is the lack of declension of nouns. There does not appear to be any cases in Grýttonic, and there is no grammatical gender.

Adjectives can be formed from adverbs/noun, for example the adverb and noun wæghæðerlodt (today) shares the stem wægh- with the adjective wæghott (daily).