Grand Duchy of Venus

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Grand-Duchy of Venus
Lomellinian Galactic Empire Territory


Sovereign state Principality of Lomellina
Capital city
and Largest city
Ovda Regio
Official language(s)Portuguese

GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- Grand-Dukevacant

Formation9 September 2014
Area Claimed~10880 km² (4200.8 mi²)

The Grand-Duchy of Venus was a group of LGE's colonies in Planet Venus established on 9 September 2014 with the goal of dividing and organizing celestial territories of the Lomellinian Galactic Empire. Its capital and largest city, Duchy of Ovda Regio, had an extremely hostile atmospheric condition, a surface colony on Venus was not possible with current technology.

The atmospheric pressure and temperature approximately fifty kilometres above the surface are similar to those at Earth's surface and Earth air (nitrogen and oxygen) would be a lifting gas in the Venusian atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide. This has led to proposals for "floating cities" in the Venusian atmosphere.

Ovda Regio and the other 2 colonies, Tethis Regio and Artemis Corona remained unclaimed by any terrestrial nation or micronation until 9 September 2014 when the Principality of Lomellina claimed the colony as lomellinian territory.

Government and politics

The Grand-Duchy of Venus was an absolute monarchy like its sovereign state Lomellina. However the head of state is depicted as a Grand-Duke(chess) wich could control the member-duchies of the grand-duchy in this case, Ovda Regio, Tethis Regio and Artemis Corona, but obeys ligeance to the Empress of LGE, D. Tânya Correa D'Ornellas.

The Grand-Duchy can establish laws and traditions to themselves and the member-duchies, and each of them could establish a sub-council to the Lomellinian Aristocracy. Usually the title of duke/duchess were given to the High-Nobility Aristocrats and in some cases to the Lomellinian Infantes.

List of Grand-Dukes

  • vacant


The Grand-Duchy of Venus had 3 colonies in a total of ~10880 km² (4200.8 mi²) being the lasrgest group of territories in Lomellina.

Flag Emblem Name Annexed Governor Area Population
Duchy of Ovda Regio
(part of Lomellinian Galactic Empire)
9 September 2014
~5280 km²
Duchy of Tethis Regio
(part of Lomellinian Galactic Empire)
9 September 2014
~3000 km²
Duchy of Artemis Corona
(part of Lomellinian Galactic Empire)
9 September 2014
~2600 km²

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